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The steady stream of VHS-driven events continues to flow with another totally radical VHS fest happening this upcoming weekend, taking place right next to the VHSandy shores of Asbury Park, NJ. Video Meltdown (aka VHS Meltdown) is kicking off on September, 3rd 2016 at Groovy Graveyard, running from 10am – 9pm (with the possibility of extending it to the next day!). You can get all the essential info on the official event page, but to get a little more insight on the assortment of analog that will be up for grabs at the event, Lunchmeat caught up with the caretaker...

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Lovers of obscure shot-on-video horror and gore are sure to get VHStoked on this piece of fresh VHS news currently oozing out of a nascent Canadian company by the name of Shivers Entertainment! Owner and operator Brenin Barrow founded Shivers Entertainment with the express intention to rebirth an array of under-appreciated Canadian cinema, with a central focus on the weird and wild side of Canuxploitation. And they’re doing just that with their initial release: a Limited Edition VHS and Deluxe DVD re-issue of the late 90s / 2001 SOV slasher splatterfest MASSACRE UP NORTH, which is currently ready to roll...

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It’s approaching quicker than you think, my fellow Videovores! In just about 2 months, the most rewind radical VHS-lovin’ event on the East Coast will be set to VHSwing open its doors and attract Tapeheads from across the analog-inclined landscape. This year’s SEVERED will be held on Saturday, May 28th at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA and will offer the 7th Annual Short Film Night along with the 5th Annual Horror VHS Collectors Unite! Convention all under one roof, man! Doors open at Noon! You can CLICK HERE for all the info, vendor table and ticket purchases! The main...

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Most of the Tapeheads who are in current VHStep with the VHS collector world are familiar with the Chester N. Turner SOV brain-benders Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone and their sturdy standing as two of the most coveted slabs of magnetic magic in the collecting culture. Even though these films were beautifully re-animated by Louis Justin’s Massacre Video label on both Limited Edition VHS and a first-ever DVD release in 2013, original VHS copies of both films continue to command staggering prices showing consistent finishes in the four figure range. With the widespread want...

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The video vindicating crew over at Cult Movie Mania continue their analog alliance with seminal movie mongers Grindhouse Releasing, this time unleashing a Limited Edition VHS of the insano-violent and radically nasty cult horror classic Pieces! Cult Movie Mania has created three cover art variants (25 of each color, 75 copies total) and each edition comes with a surprise jigsaw puzzle which differs from the puzzle that accompanies the first 3,000 Blu-Ray copies of the film. VHScroll on down to get a peek at the covers and consume all the official details and how to grab your slab straight from...

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