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Analog-Inclined Artist Hayden Hall Creates a Custom EVIL DEAD / NECRONOMICON VCR! Available NOW via Auction! Clickity-click for the Listing Link and Exclusive Interview with Hayden!

Regular VHSubscribers to this here analog-obsessed slice of internet are sure to recall a most excellent display of rewind-inclined artistic creation from Sorce122 (AKA @tron_one02 on IG) and his absolutely killer custom-painted Texas Chain Saw Massacre VCR. If you haven’t caught VHSight of that magnificent playback machine, groove to the previous blog piece and check it out. He’s got even more custom machines happening on his Instagram now, too, and they’re absolutely VHStunning, man. Through the inspiration of this amazing piece of VCRe-animation from Sorce122, remarkable artist, Lunchmeat collaborator and all-around rad dude Hayden Hall has crafted a fully functional custom VCR of his very own with a full-on rewind-inclined recreation of the Necronomicon from the cult horror classic Evil Dead. Tape truth be told, Videovores, it’s an absolute magnetic mind-bender to behold. This custom machine is currently up on eBay, too, so you actually have a VHSporting chance to make this most bodacious playback machine all yours. But first, here’s a few words with Hayden on all the anti-digital details about the creation. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and don’t forget to VHSay the words, man….


The original image that first showed the EVIL DEAD / NECRONOMICON Custom VCR from Hayden. Groovy, baby.

Where'd the inspiration come from to whip this bad boy together? I saw tron_one02's custom painted ones the other day on your blog (which were amazingly sick) and wanted to try it for myself but add sculpture into the element.


A look at the sides of VCR. There was some question from Tapeheads about the video ventilation, but as you can see, it's all groovy, mang.

Can you describe the process of customizing this bad boy? What materials, the process and how many hours are in this thing? It took me two days to do it. At first I sketched out the face with sharpie, put down a layer of latex, added paper for the cracks and wrinkles, more latex, and finally mask paint.


A full front view of the EVIL DEAD / NECRONOMICON VCR from Hayden Hall. Fleshy, dude, fleshy.

How about the functionality of the machine? Is it in full working order? Does it still ventilate properly? I've only given it a couple runs through but it seems to handle it perfectly. I left the side vents open and kept the amount of latex to a minimum. That being said, I think it may just be good as a specialty player and not your go-to one for day to day use. I'm not 100% on how well it will hold up playing it on a regular basis since this is the first time I've done this, but if you ever have a special night where you want to have a full deadite experience and want to plug this bad boy in it will totally get the job done.


A detail shot on the VCR showing the incredible texture and tones on this bad boy. This thing is so BOSS.

Are you in the market to do other custom machines? If so, what's the best way to get a hold of you? Facebook or my email at I would love to do more custom machines. It just takes a couple of days to find another good working one, but I have no problem with doing more. I also do other movies than Evil Dead. Shoot me some ideas, and I'm sure we can work something out.


Another top view VHShowcasing all of the killer detail work and radical likeness. Watch yo' fingas, mang!

Anything else you wanna shout out to all the the Tapeheads in LM land? Thanks for all of the support! Don't be afraid to contact me with any other customs you have in mind. I can do it all.

We can certainly attest to that, man! Hayden does indeed have the VHSkills to create a most excellent custom machine among many other radical things, Videovores. Needles to VHSay, he rules. So, hey, man! Don’t forget to check out the current auction for his Evil Dead / Necronomicon VCR which you can peep with this here link! YEAH! CLICK HERE! And VHStay tuned to Lunchmeat Land for a most excellent LM / Hayden collaboration that’s right around the rewind corner. You’re gonna really dig it, dudes.

Groove and Groove and How About a Little HOT CHOCOLATE?!

Josh Schafer

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