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Here in Lunchmeat Land, we don’t do politics. In fact, I think that may be the first (and only) time the “P” word will ever appear on this slice of analog-obsessed internet. However, as most of you Videovores know, we’re expressly dedicated to spreading the rewind word in every way imaginable. So, with the recent surfacing of the following image on the world weird web, we’re willing to make an exception with this tangential touch on politics. Why? Because Vermont Senator and former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is still rockin’ the VCR… and that’s pretty groovy, man. Check out...

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Staunch fans of our favorite analog format were met with some historically heartbreaking news yesterday, as confirmed by a Mental Floss UK article. Japan-based consumer electronics company Funai Electric has announced that at the end of this month, they will discontinue manufacturing their VCR units (which were produced in China) due to decline in demand and difficulty finding parts for the machines. At the highest point in their 30-year VCR-making history, Funai (which is known to us here in the States as the brand Sanyo among others) was selling around 15 million VCR units per year, but most recently, their...

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Here in Lunchmeat Land, it is our express intention to encourage everyone to exercise the power of Videocassette Recorders on a daily basis. So imagine our delight when June 7th comes around, the day that someone out there has officially deemed in total celebration as National VCR Day! Certainly, we can dig it, but where does National VCR Day come from? A good question, and one that doesn’t seem to have an exact answer. According to, the creator and origin of National VCR day is unclear, very similar to May 22nd’s National Vanilla Pudding Day. Go figure. Though the...

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Regular VHSubscribers to this here analog-obsessed slice of internet are sure to recall a most excellent display of rewind-inclined artistic creation from Sorce122 (AKA @tron_one02 on IG) and his absolutely killer custom-painted Texas Chain Saw Massacre VCR. If you haven’t caught VHSight of that magnificent playback machine, groove to the previous blog piece and check it out. He’s got even more custom machines happening on his Instagram now, too, and they’re absolutely VHStunning, man. Through the inspiration of this amazing piece of VCRe-animation from Sorce122, remarkable artist, Lunchmeat collaborator and all-around rad dude Hayden Hall has crafted a fully functional...

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A wave of totally righteous rewind-inclined excitement has recently rolled through the Videovore community in response a custom-painted, fully functional VCR from artist Sorce122, paying homage to one of the most iconic horror flicks of all-time: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre! Initial posts and VHShares of the aesthetically amazing VCR sent many Tapeheads into a frenzy of questions on how to get their own custom-covered magnetic playback machine, so Lunchmeat caught up with Sorce122 to gather a little more information about him, the process behind the beautification, and of course, how YOU can get in queue to grab your very...

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