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Analog Inclined Artist Sorce122 Creates Custom Painted VCR Paying Homage to the 1974 Horror Classic THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE! Read On for Insight on the Process AND How to Get Your Very Own Custom-Painted VCR Creation!

A wave of totally righteous rewind-inclined excitement has recently rolled through the Videovore community in response a custom-painted, fully functional VCR from artist Sorce122, paying homage to one of the most iconic horror flicks of all-time: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre! Initial posts and VHShares of the aesthetically amazing VCR sent many Tapeheads into a frenzy of questions on how to get their own custom-covered magnetic playback machine, so Lunchmeat caught up with Sorce122 to gather a little more information about him, the process behind the beautification, and of course, how YOU can get in queue to grab your very own hand-painted, fully functional VCR, man.


A look at the totally amazing custom-painted TCM VCR from Sorce122. DIZAMN! Too groovy, man.

First, a little history: Sorce122 is a self-taught artist, with a creative background that mainly consists of graffiti and pen and ink drawing. When asked about the inspiration behind creating the custom VCR casings, he stated, “My inspiration for the VCRs basically my love of painted movie poster and video cover box art. Also, a hatred of boring ass silver and black electronics. VCRs are more than that now (and they always were)… they mean more to people than DVD or Blu-ray, IMO. They have, hold, and project character with every burp, glitch, and picture roll. To me, they scream freedom, and things that make us free shouldn't be solid silver like some kind of 1984 totalitarian robot of death. It should have character, just like the covers of the movies we love. So, that’s what I’m doin’… I'm trying to create a 3-Dimensional movie poster that plays movies.” Well, we can get certainly get down with that most bodacious notion, eh, Tapeheads? Lunchmeat also asked about the process of creating the VCRs, and if they are indeed fully functional after the transformation. Sorce122 explained, “The VCRs are 100% functional. I use pencil, spray paint, paint pens, sharpies, and clear coat. No paint gets inside the deck, and they're fully tested before and after.” The current price for a fully custom-painted deck is $70 plus the cost of shipping, and Sorce122 will even provide the VCR. He estimates each custom playback machine will take approximately 2 -3 weeks to complete (due to his full-time job as a baker!), and guarantees your VHSatisfaction. You can contact Sorce122 for a custom-painted VCR via Direct Message on Instagram through his @tron_one02 profile or if you aren’t on IG, you can email him at! So go ahead: Reach out and get rewind radical, Tapeheads. We can’t wait to VHSee what Sorce122 slaps on the next custom piece. Who knows? They’re might even be a groovy giveaway for a custom Lunchmeat deck in the near future. VHStay tuned, Videovores!!

Groove and Groove and Dig those Radical Rewind Robots.

Josh Schafer

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