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Imagine if you will, Tapeheads, a magical VCR that could munch on your favorite flicks and make them into a new mix, interbreeding their most iconic elements, subsequently spitting out a brand new, never-before-seen analog experience. Now imagine how addicting that could be, and what would happen if that magic starts to spill out onto your living room floor, slowly creeping up your couch and ultimately invading your brain, ready to yank you into its next home video hybrid. Welcome to the House of VHS: a French-made indie horror /comedy flick from the magnetically-inclined mind of writer / director Gautier...

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Some of the more culturally current Tapeheads are probably familiar with the relatively recent release of the VHS-centric documentaries that have helped fuel a rush of rewind-inclined nostalgia over the past couple of years. Josh Johnson’s format-focused, VHS vindicating creation Rewind This! and the Lunchmeat co-produced , collector-centric Adjust Your Tracking have together offered audiences a well-rounded look at the format in both retrospective and contemporary cultural senses while featuring a stupendous stack of fantastic video releases from the US - but what about the video collectors of the UK? Surely with the Video Nasty scandal of the early 80s,...

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In an exciting piece of news for Videovores everywhere, long-running fright source Fangoria has recently announced that they are teaming up with the 2015 Mile High Horror Film Festival for a 30th Anniversary screening of Dan O’Bannon’s punk rock zombie comedy classic (and personal LM favorite!) Return of the Living Dead… on almighty VHS! And to top it all off, cult actress Linnea Quigley AKA Trash will be live in the flesh and ready to party with a groovy Q&A to liven up the crowd after the film! Which VHS version will be screened was not mentioned in the original...

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Plentiful years of video store experience and piles of high-profile production management with indie cinema giant Troma Entertainment have helped video enthusiast Matt Manjourides keep in stride with the analog dream. He’s the guy that helped convince Uncle Llyodie to put Troma trash classics back on tape, and serve ‘em up for your anti-digital delight in those bodacious and beautiful big boxes. Manjourides has since moved on from his post over at Troma, and is now out to create his own brand of magnetic magic with the first analog re-animation incarnation for his MegaFilms banner: the cult splatter classic Street...

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Let’s face it . . . most of us collect old horror flicks on VHS because the cover art kicks major ass. The movies themselves are, for the most part, pretty terrible & very much a product of their time. But looking at VHS box art is like time travel – we instantly remember the time & place on the shelf where we first laid eyes on them. The tag lines, the dripping fonts, the gore that graces the front & back of each box – all of these elements (unfortunately overlooked as strategies to entice the viewer in today’s...

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