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Clawing up from the desolate depths of despair comes WRISTS: a pulsating, tenebrous wave of electro-goth industrial noise with latent blackened tendencies. DEAD FRIENDS / EX LOVERS is a Limited Edition VHS video album offering an immersive audio / visual descent into a wash of disturbing and decadent original imagery melded with experimental composites of B horror movies and vintage medical films, all draped behind WRISTS signature sound. Dark, surreal and unique, WRISTS exudes a stream of avant-garde suffering.     A look at the Limited Edition VHS album DEAD FRIENDS / EX LOVERS from WRISTS. Available HERE.    ...

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The flow of fresh VHS continues to roll, Videovores, and today’s featured slab was brought to our analog attention by our resident rewind-inclined animation aficionado Taylor Duff: a name you’re sure to recognize if you’re familiar with Lunchmeat Magazine’s Animation from the Abyss! Fans of modern avant-garde works will take special interest in this initial VHS offering from Brooklyn, NY outfit RANDOM MAN, who describe themselves as a collaborative entity that “promotes underrepresented and overlooked works through publications and events.” You know we can dig it. RANDOM MAN’s first fresh VHS release is titled Savory Selections and, from the look...

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Endearingly odd avant-garde filmmaker Carl J. Sukenick has recently enjoyed a remarkable revival via the rewind way. Fresh VHS releases of Sukenick's signature style of beyond-bizzare, no-budget cinema were initially offered up by video vindicating stalwarts Massacre Video with radical re-issues of ALIEN BEASTS and MUTANT MASSACRE 2, which have been followed by limited edition home video releases from Horror Boobs (TOXIC RETARDS), SRS Cinema (SPACE PSYCHOS), Sick Slice Cinema (SUKENICK SUPERCHUNK), and Saturn's Core Audio & Video (BLOOD BOY) just to name a few.   Cue Poser Rot Productions. They've already entered the far out realm of rewindable Sukenick...

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The waves of fresh VHS excellence are steady rolling in, Tapeheads, and today in Lunchmeat Land we feature one of the more enthusiastic and exciting entities to enter the analog-inclined arena in recent rewind-inclined memory: Weird Life LTR. Since their inception in 2016, they’ve released a small army of fresh VHS releases, which I highly VHSuggest checking out via this here hot link.   It’s their newest release, however, that’s grabbed our attention with WLLTR issuing a limited edition videocassettte featuring filmmaker Courtney Fathom Sell’s homegrown and heartfelt documentary Tracking Issues. Tracking Issues is described by Sell as, “ chronicle...

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Hey-yo, Tapeheads! Here’s a heads up on some fresh VHS created via a collaborative effort from the fiends at The Sleaze Box and those video-vindicating dudes over at Vultra Video! They’ve cooked up a couple slabs of analog glory just oozing with low-budget sleaze to help appease your grimy cinema needs. The first of this foul combo is CHAOS A.D. which by the looks of the trailer, promises to offer a slippery, sordid neon-lit world populated by blood-spattered captives tortured by some sadistic creeps in Halloween costumes. The second feature CANNIBAL CLAUS features a grimy old dude (Bob Glazier) with...

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