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The video vindicators over at Weird Life LTR are likely to already be on your rewind-inclined radar. They’re an entity that has been steadily pumping out an array of radical fresh VHS, including the mind-bending neon noir flick Virus, Courtney Fathom Sell’s heartfelt and powerful backyard filmmaking documentary Tracking Issues, and a very limited VHS release of Aquarius, which is described as “introspective and experimental dance film” from Russian filmmaker Timo Zahlnin, created in conjunction with The Drunken Film Fest. Weird Life LTR’s catalog continues to swell, intrigue and impress, and with their latest release, they’ve rejoined forces with filmmaker...

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The ever-expanding landscape of the fresh VHS movement has offered an array of rewind-inclined releases ranging from obscurities unearthed to re-animations of scarce cult classics to mind-boggling mix-tapes. But perhaps the most interesting and exciting aspect the fresh VHS happening is how it’s provided a platform for indie filmmakers to present their work in a retro-radical format that connects them to a specific sphere of inclinations and tastes. Whether it be as a perk for their current crowdfund campaign or just as a straight-up radical special edition of the film, committing their film to VHS is now again a viable...

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The waves of fresh VHS excellence are steady rolling in, Tapeheads, and today in Lunchmeat Land we feature one of the more enthusiastic and exciting entities to enter the analog-inclined arena in recent rewind-inclined memory: Weird Life LTR. Since their inception in 2016, they’ve released a small army of fresh VHS releases, which I highly VHSuggest checking out via this here hot link.   It’s their newest release, however, that’s grabbed our attention with WLLTR issuing a limited edition videocassettte featuring filmmaker Courtney Fathom Sell’s homegrown and heartfelt documentary Tracking Issues. Tracking Issues is described by Sell as, “ chronicle...

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