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Some of the more voracious Videovores out there will likely remember the limited edition re-issue of Greg Lambertson’s ooey-gooey splatter epic Slime City that was unleashed for this past VHSummer’s most righteous rewind-inclined event VHS FEST at Mahoning Drive-In Theater.   You’ll also probably remember that those spectacular pink, green, and yellow videocassette re-issues got gobbled up quicker than you can say “I like what’s happening to me!” But for Halloween 2017 at Chiller Theater, Camp Motion Pictures brought Slime City back on classic black videocassettes, and luckily, they still have a few ready to be consumed on their official...

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After a bit of VHSilence, the rewind-minded re-animators at Phantom Pain Films are back in action, Tapeheads. You may recall their brand of fresh VHS creations from releases such as Devil Times Five, the absolutely ridiculous (and loving it) 1988 women’s wrestling double-feature Going Hog Wild / Oil of L.A. (still available by clicking here!), and a limited edition run of J.R. Bookwalter’s zombie trashterpiece The Dead Next Door as a part of their now completed Indiegogo for the Ultimate Edition of that same watershed indie horror film. And now, Phantom Pain Films has returned with yet another Bookwalter essential...

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The video vindicators over at Weird Life LTR are likely to already be on your rewind-inclined radar. They’re an entity that has been steadily pumping out an array of radical fresh VHS, including the mind-bending neon noir flick Virus, Courtney Fathom Sell’s heartfelt and powerful backyard filmmaking documentary Tracking Issues, and a very limited VHS release of Aquarius, which is described as “introspective and experimental dance film” from Russian filmmaker Timo Zahlnin, created in conjunction with The Drunken Film Fest. Weird Life LTR’s catalog continues to swell, intrigue and impress, and with their latest release, they’ve rejoined forces with filmmaker...

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With a body built by Chinese food on top of garlic bread and a mental state fueled by ingesting an overload of 90s anime via VHS tape, Michael Myerz has come to establish himself as one of the most unique hip hop artists in the Atlanta scene. Since 2011, Myerz has released upwards of 20 albums, and LUNCHMEAT is proud to present his newest release Booger Boys 3D: Revenge of the Plaque on limited edition videocassette, exclusively available at his record release show for his newest album Nujewbes happening this Saturday, August 26th at The Earl in East Atlanta, GA....

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The ever-expanding landscape of the fresh VHS movement has offered an array of rewind-inclined releases ranging from obscurities unearthed to re-animations of scarce cult classics to mind-boggling mix-tapes. But perhaps the most interesting and exciting aspect the fresh VHS happening is how it’s provided a platform for indie filmmakers to present their work in a retro-radical format that connects them to a specific sphere of inclinations and tastes. Whether it be as a perk for their current crowdfund campaign or just as a straight-up radical special edition of the film, committing their film to VHS is now again a viable...

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