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Hey-yo, Tapeheads! Here’s a heads up on some fresh VHS created via a collaborative effort from the fiends at The Sleaze Box and those video-vindicating dudes over at Vultra Video! They’ve cooked up a couple slabs of analog glory just oozing with low-budget sleaze to help appease your grimy cinema needs. The first of this foul combo is CHAOS A.D. which by the looks of the trailer, promises to offer a slippery, sordid neon-lit world populated by blood-spattered captives tortured by some sadistic creeps in Halloween costumes. The second feature CANNIBAL CLAUS features a grimy old dude (Bob Glazier) with...

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We’ve just entered late September and that inevitable sugar rush of heady Halloween vibes are already amped up on high. The monster cereal is stocked up and ready to flow into your groovy glow-in-the-dark bat-shaped bowl, countless bags of candy have been snatched, taste-tested, rationed and stashed, and now, killer candy-coated announcements have started to ooze into view, helping to make everyone aware of the upcoming analog-inclined autumnal excitement. Cue the latest piece of fresh VHS news just announced from writer / producer (and owner / operator of the incredibly cool Myers House) and the video vindicators at Vultra Video:...

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