Justin Ishmael Offers Up the Mini-VHS Figure and Keychain! A 1/4 Scale Rubberized VHS Tape That Totally Rules, Tapeheads!

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Justin Ishmael Offers Up the Mini-VHS Figure and Keychain! A 1/4 Scale Rubberized VHS Tape That Totally Rules, Tapeheads!

Justin Ishmael is a name that may already be on your rewind-inclined radar as the main brain behind the heavy-hitting brand Mondo: a multifaceted production outfit that entered the fresh VHS arena with releases of Andrew Jordan’s Things, big box editions for both The Visitor and Ms. 45 and a highly coveted limited edition of Franck Khalfoun’s 2012 Maniac remake, among others. Ishmael’s Mondo has also made its mark on the fresh VHS movement via their work with those bodacious video vindicators at Bleeding Skull! Video, collaboratively unleashing limited edition slabs of obscure trash cinema insanity like Cards of Death, The Soultangler, and most recently, the scarce shot-on-video mind melter Heavy Metal Massacre.




Mondo also teamed up with Intervision Picture Corp. to release THE BURNING MOON to fresh VHS. GORE-TASTIC, DUDES!



But recently, Ishmael has endeavored to expand his creative horizons beyond the Mondo brand, establishing a new production outfit flying under the banner of his own namesake. Abbreviated as “ISH”, his nascent creative cauldron has already released a number of radical collections that will have decided appeal to fans of monsters, wrestling and, of course, rewind-inclined tastes. His latest creation caters to the latter, and aside from being impressively innovative, it’s also super-fun. Behold the 1/4 scale VHS rubberized toy figure from ISH, available as a standalone tape (that fits perfectly into your favorite action figure’s clutches!), or hooked up and ready to groove right onto your keys, dude! Here’s a look at these fantastic figures just below, Tapeheads.




Yo, PEE WEE! What's on that tape, man!?



We were lucky enough to get a couple of these in at Lunchmeat HQ with a recent most welcome mail call from the ISH man himself, and the quality and amount of detail on these figures is absolutely outstanding, man.




The detail really is amazing on these, man. Just too groovy. Justin, we here in Lunchmeat Land VHSalute you!



These impressive mini-VHS figures and key chains are available as we VHSpeak via the official ISH website (click here, dudes!) and will cost you just 10 bones for the standard version, and $12 for the keychain guy. There’s even been whispers about issuing some custom labels to stick on the face and spine of these little video nuggets, and honestly, we think that would just rule. It would. It would totally rule. How about you, Videovores? What kind of labels would YOU like to see come to life for these mini-VHS figures? VHShout it out in the comments below! Your rewind wish just might come true, dude!



Groove and Groove and Honey, I Shrunk the VHS.




Josh Schafer

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