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The ever-expanding landscape of the fresh VHS movement has offered an array of rewind-inclined releases ranging from obscurities unearthed to re-animations of scarce cult classics to mind-boggling mix-tapes. But perhaps the most interesting and exciting aspect the fresh VHS happening is how it’s provided a platform for indie filmmakers to present their work in a retro-radical format that connects them to a specific sphere of inclinations and tastes. Whether it be as a perk for their current crowdfund campaign or just as a straight-up radical special edition of the film, committing their film to VHS is now again a viable...

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Ryan Graveface just can’t stop. He’s been involved in producing and providing pieces of audio and visual art for years on years with his Graveface Records label and killer physical storefront in Savannah, GA, and now, he’s spinning out some gorgeous and obscure OST vinyl releases with his newest imprint Terror Vision. But beyond his restless work with all of the above, he’s also been representing the rewind way and celebrating his favorite film format with a couple of fresh VHS releases via the TV imprint and is also currently en route to establishing a full-on, horror-and-sci-fi-focused video rental section...

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If you’re at all familiar with the mind-bending movie making from shot-on-video cult hero Carl J. Sukenick (ALIEN BEASTS, THE TOXIC RETARDS), then man do we have some fantastic fresh VHS news for you! There’s an all-out analog assault now available from the video vindicators over at Sick Slice Cinema entitled THE SUKENICK SUPERCHUNK which offers up 5 HOURS (equating to 9 films!) straight from the warped and radical mind of avant-garde SOV filmmaker Carl J. Sukenick. Strictly limited to 50 copies, this release is housed in large black clamshells with radical full-color artwork featuring a killer cover illustration from...

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Torin Langen is a name you may recognize from his low-budget (but high-quality) production company Candle Flame Films and the spooktacular short film Fondue. His affinity for analog has been previously evidenced by some radical limited edition VHS released through Candle Flame, including the SOV throwback horror short Trash. Langen has now reignited his analog inclination, this time with the start of the Limited Edition VHS distribution banner LOVECHILD PICTURES, which is set to release the James Felix McKenney black and white, dystopian sci-fi film Automatons in a limited edition of 50. Here’s Torin with more details on the start...

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Tennessee-born artist Charles Clary first caught my analog-addicted eye while I was VHScrolling through the wild world of Instagram. His bodacious video cover re-animations were utterly intriguing in their execution, his work adding a surreal kind of depth and dimension to an array of familiar box fronts from video store shelves of yore. I dug just a tad deeper and found that his creations were made through the art of hand-cut paper, meticulously layered within the video boxes to demonstrate what he defines as a visual concept of innocuous musical infection through viruses and bacteria. Like a number of present...

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