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Sick Slice Cinema Unleashes Limited Edition VHS THE SUKENICK SUPERCHUNK: a 5 Hour Collection of SOV Insanity Featuring 9 Films from Cult Filmmaker Carl J. Sukenick!!

If you’re at all familiar with the mind-bending movie making from shot-on-video cult hero Carl J. Sukenick (ALIEN BEASTS, THE TOXIC RETARDS), then man do we have some fantastic fresh VHS news for you! There’s an all-out analog assault now available from the video vindicators over at Sick Slice Cinema entitled THE SUKENICK SUPERCHUNK which offers up 5 HOURS (equating to 9 films!) straight from the warped and radical mind of avant-garde SOV filmmaker Carl J. Sukenick. Strictly limited to 50 copies, this release is housed in large black clamshells with radical full-color artwork featuring a killer cover illustration from Sick Slice main brain Hayden Hall.


A look at the full artwork for THE SUKENICK SUPERCHUNK. That back copy, man. Too true / groovy.

Remember, Tapeheads: there are only 50 copies of these on earth and they’re liable to sell out, so groove to the Official Sick Slice site and grab your slab, because once they're gone, they is VHiStory! Feed your VCR this explosion of experimental video, bash your brain and have a blast doing it, Tapeheads! Take my rewind word for it: This stuff is INSANNEEEEE.


The Limited Edition VHS release for THE SUKENICK SUPERCHUNK from Sick Slice Cinema. 9 Films. 5 Hours. One Man. This is pure analog insanity incarnate.

Groove and Groove and Grab Your Electric Knife.

Josh Schafer

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