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Ryan Graveface Details the History of Graveface Records, the Present Times of his Vinyl / VHS Label Terror Vision and Gives Insight on the Video Rental Section Coming Soon to the GF Store in Savannah, GA!

Ryan Graveface just can’t stop. He’s been involved in producing and providing pieces of audio and visual art for years on years with his Graveface Records label and killer physical storefront in Savannah, GA, and now, he’s spinning out some gorgeous and obscure OST vinyl releases with his newest imprint Terror Vision. But beyond his restless work with all of the above, he’s also been representing the rewind way and celebrating his favorite film format with a couple of fresh VHS releases via the TV imprint and is also currently en route to establishing a full-on, horror-and-sci-fi-focused video rental section in the Graveface Records store. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and learn why going to the video store is a social experience forever worth re-animating…


Ryan Graveface all up in YO FACE! That's a fast fist, man.

Tell us a little about yourself, and the start of Graveface Records. What was the impetus to create the label? I had just watched Fugazi’s Instrument on IFC and my mind was blown. I recently had started a zine, was doing a radio show, started making my own albums and then I saw that flick. It was kind of a “DUH” moment. I’m a pretty paranoid asshole as well so I never would’ve felt comfortable letting someone else promote the things I create. It all just made sense. It was a hobby label for years, though, as I had to work 3 jobs to keep it afloat and had zero focus. It wasn’t until 2006/2007 that I consider the label to have really started, at least somewhat properly.


The Graveface Logo showin' some equality advocacy and pride. Or they just like rainbows. Either way, dig it.

You had quite a history with Graveface records, and you've done a few vinyl releases with your Terror Vision label and they look killer. Can you give us a little idea of your catalog thus far? On the Graveface front I’ve put out 126 albums (WTF?!!) so far which seems bonkers. Terror Vision is my new jam and I’m 4 LP releases in. Not terrible considering the first came out in July of 2015. 2 of the releases are scores from the 80s and 2 of the releases are “Original Production” LPs. The scores are Not of this Earth (88) and From a Whisper to a Scream (87). The OP LPs are a Miss Pussycat puppet show and WNUF TV28 Presents Frank Stewart Investigates: Halloween! I’m approaching the soundtrack side perhaps a bit different than the other soundtrack labels (or maybe I’m just crazy). I’m less interested in releasing the score to a well-known, cultish or popular movie. Seemingly, in this biz that’s what everyone is fighting for. Cashing in on the fact that most fans aren’t separating their love of those individual films from the scores therein. My approach has been different. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, it’s similar to how I run Graveface in a way. I’m releasing scores that are really fucking good, IMO. I could care less if the films they are attached to are considered to be popular or even “good” by most people. My objective with the OST releases is to deliver something that plays as an album! that you can listen to repeatedly without needing to love the film. I don’t even care if people have seen these films. I want people to listen to them in a similar manner to how they’d listen to a Graveface release - front to back. All of that being said I’m sure I’ve already failed . My first two releases have barely sold, haven’t gotten much press and most people don’t seem to care. So there you go. Apparently there’s a reason these other labels are sticking with the big name and/or cultish releases! Damn, I’m an idiot.


The Terror Vision LP release of NOT OF THIS EARTH. Lookin' GOOD, man.

Nah, man, that’s called pure fucking passion. You've also done a few VHS releases. Tell us about producing those and the inspiration to put stuff on magnetic magic. What is it about physical, analog mediums that you dig so much? I’ve always made VHS releases; I’ve just never sold them to the public before. I’ve been filming everything since I was a kid and VHS is the only format that ever mattered to me. Although if I could put releases out as Pixelvision tapes, I’d consider that as well. Anyways, I think I’m just the perfect age to have never lost these things (vinyl, tapes, VHS, etc). I’m 34, didn’t have a computer growing up, rented a zillion VHS tapes from Sights and Sounds (RIP) in Toledo OH, and was obsessed with that whole thing… so when it went away I just started to buy dead stock from VHS stores. It was all very natural, you know? In other words, it’s not like I’m 18, saw some weirdos posting about VHS horror on Instagram and got into it that way. It was all pretty organic and simply never stopped. There was no changing of formats for me when corporations told me I needed to. Don’t mistake that Instagram youth comment as me disliking that or discrediting them, though. I think it’s fucking AMAZING that any youth cares about physical formats when they don’t NEED to. It warms my heart, actually, and I only hope it spreads more and more.


The cover for the fresh VHS edition of FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM from Terror Vision. Vinny P. 5EVA.

You've got a video rental store in the works. Can you give us the details on that? Where will it be and when will it open? What kinds of tapes can people expect to see on your shelves? You're taking VHS donations for the shop right now, right? It’s in the rear of the Graveface shop in Savannah. People are already poking through the collection that’s back there begging to buy shit . I’ve been working on in for 13 months and it’s still not ready. Every time I think I’m ready to go live I buy another massive collection. Right now I think I’m at 2000 horror/sci-fi tapes. In an ideal world, it’ll be even more by the time I launch. Some folks have been insanely kind to send me their VHS tapes. It’s so fucking nice and cool and I couldn’t be more appreciative of it. If anyone wants to see some of their tapes represented in my rental shop get in touch! XOXO


A peek at some of the racks that'll be offered up in the Graveface Records VHS Rental Section. Re-animated former rentals return!

Why did you want to create a video rental shop? Why do you think it's important for people to have this kind of experience? Do you have fond memories of renting tapes back when? Yeah, I kinda touched on that above. My youth was making movies on a shitty VHS camcorder, watching USA Up All Night, collecting GPKs down at the In & Out Mart, going to the local costume shop in the off season & finally, being allowed to rent 3 VHS titles every Friday night. So I would spend an absurd amount of time in the rental store making sure I didn’t fuck up the choice. I usually chose like this: 1 of the 3 titles would be a “risk”. I would randomly choose one based on the cover. When A-pix became a thing they started winning me over with their ridiculous lenticular covers, for example. 1 of the titles would be a classic, mainly in the event that my friends would be coming over or something and if option A was unwatchable (like actually unwatchable, not good unwatchable), we could watch something legendary. And finally, option 3 would be something based on a recommendation. Could’ve been something I read about in Fangoria, etc. or just had heard about. The fact that these poor fucking kids have fucking YouTube as their only means of experiencing this fun is MENTAL to me. When I got a little older, meaning driving age, going to the video store became part of the routine with my larger group of friends. Sights and Sounds was closed by that point but there was a decent Family Video down the street and we’d roll up there every single Friday night around 11pm and seriously be there till close finding the perfect handful of flicks. It was a social experience! And one that was far more satisfying than going to a bar could ever be I might add. I want to attempt to provide things of that nature, even if done in a limited scope / capacity. I’m sure everything I’m saying sounds ridiculous to a certain person but hey, that’s what makes the world go round.


Some more VHSelections that will be a part of the video rental selection at Graveface. What's up there, man?

What's next for you, man? More Vinyl? More VHS? You gonna get an arcade game or like 50 cent machine with cheapo toys slash candy for the video store? If so, I might have to move in... We’ve got 3 arcade games sitting in front of the soon-to-open rental area set to free play! When I make a wee bit more money I’ll be buying a pin and 1 more arcade game. A Chicago friend is custom-making me a penny machine (yes, penny) with custom weirdo toys for the area. Eventually I’ll need to move into a bigger space but honestly, this dude needs to make some $$ before that can happen. Outside of that I’ve got 16 LPs coming out on Terror Vision. The next release is the incredibly awesome score to the film Spookies. If you haven’t heard the score I think you’re gonna crap (no Muckmen pun intended there). It’s really fucking good and the story behind the production of that film is something of legend. I’m finishing my next feature in 2016 so TV will be putting that out on VHS at some point. Graveface has 19 releases on the books for the next 16 months. Basically I’m going to jump off a cliff. Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Tapeheads hangin' in Lunchmeat Land? Thanks for giving a shit (if you do)! If anyone has a horror film they’ve made that merits a VHS release, get in touch. And LASTLY, there’s a project I’ve entertained working on with a friend but we need UNFINISHED features and student films (specifically from the 70s-90s era) to see if it would work. If you have something you think could potentially fit the bill, please get in touch. That’s all! Thanks a ton Josh and to the readers of this piece! XOXO

I’m sure anyone and everyone eyeballin’ this here slab of analog obsessed internet will surely give a VHShit, man! Ryan is doing some incredibly rad work, and that Spookies OST is going to absolutely slay. Be sure to groove on over to the Official Terror Vision site to scope all of Ryan’s wares and stay updated on his army of awesome projects planned for this year. Oh, and if you have a few essential slabs of analog you’d like to donate to the Graveface Video Rental Section, you can contact Ryan and give to the rewind righteous cause right here, Tapeheads. Dig that Friday Night Rental Experience 5EVA.

Groove and Groove and Spider Lady Make You Humble.

Josh Schafer

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