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MAGNETIC MAGIC RENTALS and FOREVER BOGUS Ring in the Christmas VHSpirit with the Limited Edition Holiday Mixtape A VERY MERRY BOGUS CHRISTMAS: Vol 1!

The Holidaze are off and rewind runnin’, Tapeheads, and to kick off all of end of year analog excitement, we offer up some exclusive news from Lunchmeat Land that’s sure to get you and your trusty VCR in the Holiday VHSpirit! The announcement comes from the video vindicating dudes over at Magnetic Magic Rentals and Forever Bogus as they have slapped together a mighty righteous yuletide high-five and created a most excellent and very merry Christmas mixtape loaded with video era nostalgia including classic TV specials, obscure Holiday flicks, merry music videos, bodacious bumpers, and of course, tons of classic Christmas commercials!


A full look at A VERY MERRY BOGUS CHRISTMAS mixtape. That candy cane tape, man!

Forever Bogus’s A Very Merry BOGUS Christmas Mixtape comes exclusively from Magnetic Magic Rentals and is limited to just 20 copies: 15 standard copies on insanely cool, hand-painted candy cane styled tapes which will include 3 HOURS of all the groovy yuletide-inclined material mentioned above, housed in large white clamshell cases. The remaining 5 copies are of the Super Bogus Special Edition variety and are committed to a different colored tape (still candy cane striped!), housed in a clear clamshell with different artwork and include a whopping total of 5 HOURS of footage! That’s like almost a quarter of your Christmas Day, man! DIG IT. And because MMR and Forever Bogus are too groovy dudes, every single edition comes with a special present and some extra groovy goodies. Proof that’s is better to give than rewind receive, man!


A sneak peak at one of the Super Bogus Special Edition variant VHS releases. Dang, that candy cane striping is so fun. I wonder if it smells like magnetic mint? That would rule.

The standard edition (15 copies) is priced at 20 bones plus shipping, and the Super Bogus Special Edition is 30 bones. A little more, but 2 more hours pulled straight from the Forever Bogus archives is apt to be worth it, Tapeheads. They’re available HERE on Friday, December 4th at 12:01 A.M. CST. Yeah, that’s soon, dude!


A look at the back of A VERY MERRY BOGUS CHRISTMAS Limited Edition VHS. Heavy Metal Raph is diggin' it, man.

Here’s the official blurb from FOREVER BOGUS and MAGNETIC MAGIC RENTALS, just so you Videovores can get a better idea of what you’re gonna be poppin’ in your VCR: Let's face it… the Christmas spirit died when Y2K blew up the Earth. Nothing has been the same ever since and not another Tim Allen movie could fix that. Thankfully Forever Bogus is changing all that noise by bringing you a Very Merry BOGUS Christmas. Three hours of pure Christmas nostalgia including classic TV specials, holiday movies, commercials, bumpers, music videos, and much more! So revive the Christmas spirit by putting another chestnut on that open fire, curling up in front of your VCR, and unwrapping some Bogus gifts. Merry BOGUS Christmas to all and to all a BOGUS night. “ Remember, Videovores: This extremely limited edition mixtape drops exclusively on the Official Magnetic Magic Rentals Store on Friday, December 4th at 12:01 A.M. CST, so be sure to groove on over there and grab your slab and totally crank up your Christmas festivities with this crazy cool candy cane coated fresh VHS chock full of magnetic merriment, man. Your VCR will most definitely thank you! And be sure to stay tuned to Magnetic Magic Rentals in the month of December, dudes. They’ve got tons more fresh VHS coming your way including midnight fire VHSales on previous releases, an upcoming SUPER SECRET Bogus tape, and the long forgotten Texas Dildo Masquerade! Yeah, man! We’re stoked, too! All of this radical rewind-inclined stuff drops this month, so stay tuned. It’s sure to rule.

Groove and Groove and Don’t Just Spike the Eggnog. VHSpike the Eggnog. It's good. It's good.

Josh Schafer

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