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Lost Media Archive Unearths and Re-Animates Obscure Super 8 Film FRANKENSTEIN’S PLANET OF MONSTERS on Limited Edition VHS!

Some exciting fresh VHS news from Ogden, Utah’s Lost Media Archive is a’brewing, Tapeheads! LMA’s main brain and obscure film aficionado BC Sterrett has unearthed and re-animated the super-rare, shot-on-Super 8 Brad Anderson / Mike Brunelle film FRANKENSTEIN’S PLANET OF MONSTERS! on Limited Edition VHS! Originally shot in 1993 in MA, there were apparently a few initial VHS copies that went out as payment to the actors involved with the film, but after a single screening at an art museum as a double feature with FREAKS, the film has since fell into deep obscurity. Now, 20 years later, FRANKENSTEIN’S PLANET OF MONSTERS! is available again on almighty VHS with a new transfer taken directly from the U-Matic master print, reported to be better than the original release version! Also included as a bonus on the tape are two unreleased Super 8 films from FPoM writer/ producer Mike Brunelle entitled UFO (1980) and VOODOO DEMON (1976).


The Limited Edition VHS release of FRANKENSTEIN'S PLANET OF MONSTERS from Lost Media Archive. Try and grab your slab by contacting them HERE!

There is an interview with BC over at the podcast What’s Out There explaining how he found the film (in the wild, of course!), and subsequently got in touch with the filmmakers and made this radical rewind re-animation happen. Check it out HERE! In that same interview on What’s Out There, Sterrett describes the film as follows: “This is ultra-low budget and the costumes and the sets and the whole design is very homemade but very charming and ingenious and you'll never see anything like it. If I could compare it to another film um I would say stylistically it’s a little like Richard Elfman's Forbidden Zone from the 1970's in color and a non-musical.”


A collection of stills from FRANKENSTEIN'S PLANET OF MONSTERS! Man, this looks KILLER.

This re-issue from Lost Media Archive is super-limited, and they seem to going pretty fast. One look at the stills from this ultra-obscure 90s Super 8 flick, and you’ll see why, man! So go on ahead, Videovores: hurry up and grab your slab by contacting either Lost Media Archive or BC Sterrett on Facebook via PM and if they’re still available, you’ll be given info on how to pay. The release is set at 25 bones shipped in the States. Half of the proceeds go directly to the lead actor / screenwriter / producer Mike Brunelle! The Facebook connect currently seems to be the only way to get your hands on these killer slabs of analog, but we’ll be VHSure to keep you updated if this release or any other LMA re-animation becomes available otherwise! We can’t wait to see what they dig up next.

Groove and Groove and Scour those Second-Hand Shelves 5EVA.

Josh Schafer

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