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The LUNCHMEAT – REWIND OR DIE! Shirt is Back, Tapeheads! Exclusively Available Via Media Crypt!

Some of you Videovores out there may remember these radical threads (featuring an original illustration from Sick Slice Cinema main brain Hayden Hall) originally released via a Limited Edition TeeSpring campaign last year from your fellow Analog-Inclined Party Animals here in Lunchmeat Land. Because of the transient nature of TeeSpring’s platform, some Tapeheads missed out on these and voiced that they wanted to see this design back in action. Well, wait no more, man! LUNCHMEAT has teamed up with the groovy dudes at MEDIA CRYPT to re-animate the “Rewind or Die Party Time” design exclusively available through MEDIA CRYPT’S Big Cartel site! You can dig on the design below…


Slime Green on 100% Cotton Threads, Tapeheads! That little MC logo won't be on the shirt, just FYI. All VHSlime, All the Time.

This shirt is currently up for pre-order over at the Crypt, so you can now groove on over to their site and reserve what's sure to be a most excellent addition to your rewind-inlcined wardrobe. You’ll be glad ya did, mang! Oh, and don’t forget to check out all of MC’s amazing video era releasing label threads celebrating the likes of AIP Studios, Vestron Video and the almighty Midnight Video! These VHShirts rule, man. GET AT ‘EM!!

Groove and Groove and Do It with VHStyle.

Josh Schafer

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