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You AXED for it, Tapeheads! And we listened! Our VHS IS HAPPINESS Sweatpants are now back in action, available via an exclusive collaboration with our fellow home video-lovin’ buds at MEDIA CRYPT! Our VHS IS HAPPINESS Sweatpants are AVAILABLE NOW via MEDIA CRYPT’s Official Store, or by simply clicking this here hot link! Sizes S – 2XL are available, so groove on over, grab a pair, and prepare to experience the ultimate in rewind-inclined relaxation time, dudes!   They is back, Tapeheads! Groove to MEDIA CRYPT, and get the ultimate in rewind-inclined comfort!   We’ve also teamed up with MEDIA...

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If you’re one of the rewind regulars here in Lunchmeat Land, you’re likely to be aware of our affection for the subtle yet essential aesthetic appeal of video store rental stickers. Past posts have explored the preference of leaving or heaving these historical, often insightful but sometimes unsightly sticky remnants that steady populate former rental slabs. We’ve also documented the continued celebration of the utterly iconic green horror genre sticker that has been popping up within the VHS culture throughout the past couple years now, most notably through products from the radical peeps at Creepy Company out of Chicago. But...

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There are few instances of VHS cover art that have proved to be as lasting and iconic as the Media Home Entertainment release of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It’s one sexy slab to be sure, and it’s apt to make the most voracious Videovores salivate at the very sight of it. And now, horror-centric apparel company FRIGHT RAGS is just about ready to make this outstanding piece of home video cover art a part of your rewind-inclined wardrobe. Come Wednesday, January 25th at 10AM EST, FRIGHT RAGS will unleash an official collaboration with artist Richard Hescox (who also created...

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Some of you Videovores out there may remember these radical threads (featuring an original illustration from Sick Slice Cinema main brain Hayden Hall) originally released via a Limited Edition TeeSpring campaign last year from your fellow Analog-Inclined Party Animals here in Lunchmeat Land. Because of the transient nature of TeeSpring’s platform, some Tapeheads missed out on these and voiced that they wanted to see this design back in action. Well, wait no more, man! LUNCHMEAT has teamed up with the groovy dudes at MEDIA CRYPT to re-animate the “Rewind or Die Party Time” design exclusively available through MEDIA CRYPT’S Big...

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