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The films of ultimate outsider shot-on-video filmmaker Carl J. Sukenick are just about as mind-melting as they come, Tapeheads. His personal brand of sometimes incoherent, sometimes inane but forever fascinating SOV insanity has been championed by some of the most influential entities within the fresh VHS world, including Massacre Video, SRS Cinema, Horror Boobs and Saturn’s Core Audio and Video. But the rewind-inclined warriors at Poser Rot Video are expressly dedicated to unleashing unseen slabs of Carl’s work, thus far exclusively handling previously unreleased Sukenick material. And their newest offering from Carl, a brain-bending zombie epic called Zombie City, will...

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Massacre Video is a name synonymous with cult film celebration and VHS appreciation. Their righteous rewind-inclined re-animations focus on the vast scope of outsider cinema with the resurrection of Chester N. Turner’s incredible and much-coveted shot-on-video films Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone being their most lauded among the VHS / cult film collector world. But it was Wally Koz’s 1988 shot-on-video splatter flick 555 that sparked their now-expansive line of killer cult film releases, and now, Massacre is bringing its initial offering back to limited edition analog. Tonight (9/21/2016), at 6PM EST exclusively on...

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Lovers of obscure shot-on-video horror and gore are sure to get VHStoked on this piece of fresh VHS news currently oozing out of a nascent Canadian company by the name of Shivers Entertainment! Owner and operator Brenin Barrow founded Shivers Entertainment with the express intention to rebirth an array of under-appreciated Canadian cinema, with a central focus on the weird and wild side of Canuxploitation. And they’re doing just that with their initial release: a Limited Edition VHS and Deluxe DVD re-issue of the late 90s / 2001 SOV slasher splatterfest MASSACRE UP NORTH, which is currently ready to roll...

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The rewind-inclined tag team of Bleeding Skull! Video and Mondo have certainly had their fair share of fantasic contributions to the fresh VHS movement over the past couple of years. Re-animations of obscure outsider cinema titles like CARDS OF DEATH, THE SOULTANGLER, RUN COYOTE RUN and most recently, the raging weirdfest that is NIGHT FEEDER (which sold out in an astounding 20 minutes) have given trash cinema aficionados reason to exchange some righteous high-fives. Fast forward to the here and now, and the BS!V / Mondo combo are back readied with another underground shot-on-video skullcrusher, this time offering the first-ever...

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