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Massacre Video is a name synonymous with cult film celebration and VHS appreciation. Their righteous rewind-inclined re-animations focus on the vast scope of outsider cinema with the resurrection of Chester N. Turner’s incredible and much-coveted shot-on-video films Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone being their most lauded among the VHS / cult film collector world. But it was Wally Koz’s 1988 shot-on-video splatter flick 555 that sparked their now-expansive line of killer cult film releases, and now, Massacre is bringing its initial offering back to limited edition analog. Tonight (9/21/2016), at 6PM EST exclusively on...

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Plentiful years of video store experience and piles of high-profile production management with indie cinema giant Troma Entertainment have helped video enthusiast Matt Manjourides keep in stride with the analog dream. He’s the guy that helped convince Uncle Llyodie to put Troma trash classics back on tape, and serve ‘em up for your anti-digital delight in those bodacious and beautiful big boxes. Manjourides has since moved on from his post over at Troma, and is now out to create his own brand of magnetic magic with the first analog re-animation incarnation for his MegaFilms banner: the cult splatter classic Street...

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