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If you’re tuned in to the Lunchmeat Facebook and Instagram feeds you’re likely to have caught an eyeful of some astoundingly cool rewind-inclined kicks we posted up just about a week ago. If you didn’t, you can remedy that gap in your VHSocial media right here and here, man. Yes, those custom-painted Chuck Taylors’ adorned with that vital Vestron Video logo sent waves of excitement, awe and a “Dang, I need those in my life!” kind of desire across the VHS collector landscape, and today here in Lunchmeat Land, we bring you the dude who made those stellar shoes happen...

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While recently going about my daily rewind-inclined wanderings around the world weird web, I was offered a chance to check out two totally killer, one most curious and one exceptionally informative, video-centric vintage newspaper clippings harvested from, found courtesy of fellow Tapehead and all-around cool dude Julian DiLorenzo (@UncleSporkums) via Twitter. The first clipping he shared was out of Salina, KS, and detailed a shocking mistake made at a magnetic magic duplication facility, inadvertently causing an explicit horror flick to appear at the tail end of a seemingly innocuous children’s cartoon tape. Here’s the article that originally appeared in...

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