Artist Joe La Scola Creates Custom-Painted Chuck Taylors Celebrating Wizard Video, Vestron Video and More! Click for Info on How to Score Yourself a Pair, Videovores!

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Artist Joe La Scola Creates Custom-Painted Chuck Taylors Celebrating Wizard Video, Vestron Video and More! Click for Info on How to Score Yourself a Pair, Videovores!

If you’re tuned in to the Lunchmeat Facebook and Instagram feeds you’re likely to have caught an eyeful of some astoundingly cool rewind-inclined kicks we posted up just about a week ago. If you didn’t, you can remedy that gap in your VHSocial media right here and here, man. Yes, those custom-painted Chuck Taylors’ adorned with that vital Vestron Video logo sent waves of excitement, awe and a “Dang, I need those in my life!” kind of desire across the VHS collector landscape, and today here in Lunchmeat Land, we bring you the dude who made those stellar shoes happen – Mr. Joe La Scola. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and learn how to slip your tape-lovin’ tootsies into some totally VHStylin’ shoes…




There he is! Don't worry. He's fine. Radical still from FIELD OF SCREAMS.



Can you give us a little bit of a background on you as an artist? What’s your latest creation?

I actually just started a new job, so my time has been kind of taken up by that, but I managed to create a prop replica of the “Match” riddle from Batman Forever for my girlfriend’s birthday. As always, I have a bunch of stuff in the pipe . I’ve always enjoyed creating things and sort of trying to figure things out – how they work and how they are made. I love film and special effects, and I’m most happy when I get to work on those kinds of projects. Field of Screams proof-of-concept trailer. For real: don’t miss this!>



The aforementioned BATMAN RETURNS prop re-creation. Too groovy, man.


What brought on the idea for the Vestron Video custom chucks?

Chucks have been my shoe of choice for a long time, and I’ve seen other people put artwork on all kinds of shoes. It just kind of clicked one day – VHS and the companies that spawned our favorite flicks growing up was a perfect inspiration, so I drew up the Wizard logo and painted it on.



The custom Wizard Video Chucks from Joe La Scola. We all need these, Tapeheads.


How many custom pairs from you are floating around out there now?

There are two pairs actually on other people’s feet – yours included ! The other pair is emblazoned with the ’86 Vestron logo. I drew up prototypes for a New World Video and Media pair that ended up not coming to fruition. I also owe a certain someone a Camp pair, as well.



The prototype for some DEMONS / New World Video kicks. Pink and Black attack, dude.


I know some Tapeheads out there are slavering for a pair, man! Can you give us an idea of the process, and how much they’ll cost?

The thing is, I’m not a Converse distributor so I don’t get these for cost. I buy a pair at retail and then paint them up. It gets kind of pricey when someone asks for the whole custom shebang. A fully custom colored pair of Chucks (piping, shoelace, eyelets, rear stripe, toe cap, etc.) from the website run about $80 and then the cost of me putting the artwork on them. But a used pair works just the same and won’t run you the cost of a new pair. So, it all depends, really…



Some more of Joe's killer custom kicks work. I'm the proud owner of the pair along the bottom. They're beautiful, man.


How can peeps get a hold of you to request / talk about some custom kick work?

They can reach out to me on Facebook if they want to inquire about some kicks, or just to jive about movies.



A custom pair of Chucks for one of Joe's projects HOME VIDEO XPRESS. That logo, though.


Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Tapeheads hangin’ loose in Lunchmeat Land?

If anyone is interested, they can keep up with me on Instagram (@bladeinthedark) and check out my website: for some of my other work! You can also contact me through those avenues if you don’t have the Facebook, man!


Oh, I’m VHSure a whole slew of Tapeheads will be hittin’ you up, Joe! And indeed you should Videovores. If you want to get totally VHStylin’ and have some of the grooviest shoes on this side of the galaxy, Joe’s custom work is just the ticket, dude. Be sure to keep an eye on his official site and his Instagram, man, because in our analog-lovin’ experience, Joe’s always cookin’ up something that we just don’t wanna miss. He rules. Joe, we here in Lunchmeat Land VHSalute you!


Groove and Groove and Guaranteed to Make a Kid Run Faster and Jump Higher.






Josh Schafer

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