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LUNCHMEAT EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! Official Teaser Trailer for Retro 80s VHS-Inspired Baseball Slasher FIELD OF SCREAMS! With Details from Creators Chris Bahr and Joe La Scola!

Lunchmeat is beyond VHStoked to offer up an initial and exclusive look at the brand spankin’ new Official Teaser Trailer for the baseball-themed retro 80s slasher from Spectrum Video FIELD OF SCREAMS! Created with great affection for those essential horror video rentals of yore, this teaser for FIELD OF SCREAMS is soaked in retro VHS aesthetics and dripping with that distinct video era horror authenticity that you’ll just have to VHSee to believe, man. So here it is, Videovores! Step on up to the plate and let ‘er rip as you swing for the fences with FIELD OF SCREAMS… but be careful, man… because it’s three strikes, and YOU’RE DEAD! FIELD OF SCREAMS trailer from Spectrum Video Now that trailer just VHSpeaks for itself, eh, Tapeheads?! But just in case you want more info, here’s a quick synopsis to give you a better idea of the lineup for FIELD OF SCREAMS: "In Willow’s Grove, baseball is a way of life. After a bad call during a local championship game, a group of rabid parents corner Stumpy the umpire. They get more than they bargained for when the encounter ends in murder. After almost a decade in a psychiatric hospital, Stumpy returns for revenge on the home team. Grab your peanuts and crackerjacks, because this bloodbath is going into extra innings!" So when’s this movie coming out?! Where can you get it?! How do I feed this bad boy to my VCR?! All excellent questions, my fellow Videovores, and we’re here to help you with that! So, here’s a brief but informative interview with creators Chris Bahr and Joe La Scola to help shed a little more light on what this terrific trailer is all about: LM: SO will FIELD OF SCREAMS be a feature or a short? Chris / Joe: This is a trailer for a full-length film we want to do in the future. We really wanted to show the best proof of concept we possibly could. Everything that was done here in the trailer was entirely by us and out of our own pockets, being made with a lot of love for the genre and that time period.

Field of Screams 1

The title card for FIELD OF SCREAMS. VHStiiiiriiikkeeee!!!

Why did you choose to go for the VHS look? We grew up in video stores renting these kinds of movies. The love for those films and that format has played a big part in how we view the horror genre as a whole. That feeling of popping in a movie and basking in the soft glow of the picture and the hum of the tape. That magic—that warm fuzzy feeling you can’t quite describe entirely. It’s just something that we wanted to relive and have it be our own. One of the biggest influences for this project was The Mutilator and the feeling of watching it for the first time on a worn out rental tape. We wanted Field of Screams to really feel like it came directly from that era.

Field of Screams 5

Co-creators / Directors Chris Bahr (left) and Joe La Scola. Radical rewind-inclined dudes, indeed.

Is this shot on VHS? Or are those aesthetics achieved with after effects? We decided the best way to go about it was to shoot everything in HD, and then use a combination of color, film emulation, and tape scans to really give it an authentic look. It gave us a lot more options and room to play around with rather than shooting it directly on VHS.

Field of Screams 3jpg

That eyeball is OUTTA HERE!! A still from FIELD OF SCREAMS featuring just a sample of the amazing SFX in store.

Can we get this on VHS?! If we end up getting the full-length version of Field of Screams funded, we plan on doing a full VHS release packed with extra video era type goodies.

Field of Screams 4

A look at the killer in FIELD OF SCREAMS. Mess with this guy? Bad call, man.

Will the whole movie carry these radical VHS aesthetics? Yes, the plan is to do the entire film that way, and then release it on VHS. We want the viewer to feel like they just discovered an old slasher movie from the ‘80s that they’ve never heard of.

Field of Screams TeaserSMALL

The teaser one-sheet for FIELD OF SCREAMS from Spectrum Video. Dig that most excellent era authenticity, dude.

Where people can stay updated on the release of FIELD OF SCREAMS? We currently have the Field of Screams Facebook page where people can go to learn a little bit more about the project and stay up to date on its production. Depending on the response and level of excitement for it, we will determine if we go for crowdfunding to make it into a full length. “Tomorrow marks the first time in almost a decade since the Woodchucks made it to a championship game. Things are looking up in Willow’s Grove!”

Things are also looking up for fans of retro 80s-inspired slashers, man! This trailer absolutely slays, and you best bet your woodgrain top-loader that LM will be most attentive to the newly launched FIELD OF SCREAMS Facebook page to stay updated on any and all news about this undoubtedly amazing upcoming feature from Spectrum Video. And you should, too! Be sure to groove on over, give ‘em a like, and grab your glove. This one’s on deck to be a home video grand slam, man.

Groove and Groove and VHSupport the Important Stuff.

Josh Schafer

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