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TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE Continuation and BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL Sequel?! Director Chester N. Turner Says YES with His Erry Vision Film Site!

Most of the Tapeheads who are in current VHStep with the VHS collector world are familiar with the Chester N. Turner SOV brain-benders Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone and their sturdy standing as two of the most coveted slabs of magnetic magic in the collecting culture. Even though these films were beautifully re-animated by Louis Justin’s Massacre Video label on both Limited Edition VHS and a first-ever DVD release in 2013, original VHS copies of both films continue to command staggering prices showing consistent finishes in the four figure range. With the widespread want for these tapes within the community along with the resultant awareness aroused by the re-issue from Massacre Video, a whole new appreciation for these films has erupted within the cult cinema sphere. This newfound appreciation has apparently reignited director Chester N. Turner and inspired him to potentially get back behind the camera, as evidenced by his recently launched site Erry Vision Films.


IS IT FOR REAL, TAPEHEADS?! Stay tuned to Chester's site and see, man!

The site offers a brief albeit informative mission statement alongside some relevant press and a contact section, but perhaps most excitingly, the site provides insight on some in-the-works projects from Chester which include further workings for both Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone. The continuation of TFTQZ is currently listed as a short story, but we can only hope the ideas offered will indeed be turned into visual spectacles of the anthology inclination. However, the BDDFH sequel is listed as a full-feature film and if Black Devil Doll from Hell 2: The Last Bitch Standing for a working title isn’t enough to get you VHStoked, then perhaps the other titles in the works like Guess What Grandma is Baking Now and Voodoo Madness should certainly start to tantalize your trashterpiece tastes! The site asks everyone to please stay tuned for updates along with upcoming trailers, so be sure to keep an analog-inclined eye on Chester’s site and Twitter account for that future information, man!

Groove and Groove and Wake Up Again, Bitch!!

Josh Schafer

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