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CANDY CLAW Offers a Halloween Tape Trick Filled with Treats with the ERNEST GOES TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE VHS Clamshell Parody Pack!

It’s undoubtedly the most popular question of the season: Trick or Treat, Tapeheads?!? But when it comes to this fun little faux-flick trick box from a company called Candy Claw, you can bet your vintage Boglin it’s BOTH! Yes, what may be the best mash-up since the Dad’s Bootleg of Friday the 13th, this clear clamshell is equipped with full-on artwork for the (sadly) non-existent flick Ernest Goes to Camp Crystal Lake and comes filled with sweet snacks, stickers, popcorn and other groovy stuff. I just wish this was a real rewind experience... KnowhutImean?! CandyCLAW_VHS

Here they are, Tapeheads! These'll be filled all kinds of snacks and stickers. I just wish I could feed ERNEST GOES TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE to my VCR. A Videovore can dream.

These are limited to 50 pieces, and will soon be available HERE on the Official Candy Claw webstore for $12.99. What sticky-sweet treats await you within the plastic VHSheath? We’re not sure, but we bet they’ll stick to your teeth (and anything else you wanna stick it on!). Oh, and check out the faux-trailer for Ernest Goes to Camp Crystal Lake, too. I just wonder if Jason is susceptible to paratrooping snapping turtles?!

Groove and Groove and DRANK THAT MIAK!

Josh Schafer

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