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Magnetic Magic Rentals and Forever Bogus Put Their Heads Together to Bring Videovores a Double-Dose of Limited Edition VHS with A TOTALLY BOGUS HALLOWEEN VOL. 1 Mixtape and the MMR Hosted HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

Autumn has officially arrived, my fellow Tapeheads, and to ring in the annual excitement, we’re here to serve up another anti-digitally delicious analog announcement apt to make your Halloween film festivities twice as VHSweet! This time we offer some exclusive fresh VHS news from the video vindicators over at Magnetic Magic Rentals. They’ve cooked up two rewind radical Limited Edition tape treats for this Halloween season, jam-packed with an abundance of all things spooky and sticky-sweet, made ready to arrive before the Samhain and turn your VCR into a full-on party.


A TOTALLY BOGUS HALLOWEEN sittin' pretty on the shelf. So Weird.

The first featured Halloween release from MMR is a collaboration with the radical badical dudes at FOREVER BOGUS, a brand you may recognize from their most excellent and VHS-lovin’ livestream podcast. Forever Bogus’s A Totally Bogus Halloween Mixtape Volume 1 is an analog edition strictly limited to just 10 copies, overflowing with oodles of seasonal Halloween treats featuring THREE HOURS (!!!) of 80s and 90s Halloween BOGUS-ness! Spooky Halloween commercials, creepy TV specials, cheezy Made-for-TV Movies, some sexy Elvira goodies, and monstrous music videos are just a small taste of what awaits you on this totally terror-ific mixtape! Each release comes committed to orange tapes (with four randomly inserted candy colored cassettes), hand-numbered and housed in a white clamshell case complete with a Very Special Halloween Surprise inside! Dig on those surprises, dude.


A peek at the back of the art and one of those "candy colored" cassettes! Lookin' tasty, mang.

Here are some more words on the release from the Official MMR Press Release: "It's that time of the year again where we set forth to fill a void with pumpkin spice, cheap decorations, horror movies, and bogusness... That's right, Magnetic Magic brings the infamous Forever Bogus Livestream straight to your own VCR with this special mixtape. Grab a bowl of your favorite Halloween treats, sit back, and enjoy hours of chilling commercials, spooky TV specials, and eerie movies to wrap up your Halloween night. Stay in for the evening because the forecast calls for a Totally Bogus Halloween!"


A full look at the HBTC Halloween Special hosted by the MMR crew! BRING ON THE CANDY, MAN!

The second slab in this VHSpooky analog duo is a Halloween-ified edition from the MMR Public Domain Collection: the House by the Cemetery Halloween Special! This late-night horror classic has been lovingly re-animated with all new artwork and hand-assembled slipcases, sealed in classic Squeeze-N-Shakes! This version of HBTC is hosted by Bryce and Elijah of the Magnetic Magic Rentals Crew, and also offers a bunch of haunting extras to rattle your rewind-inclined bones! What that entails, we just don’t know! Here’s a look at MMR dudes hooting and hosting this version of HBTC:


Bryce and Elijah hamming it up for the camera as they host HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY! HANDS UP, DUDE!!

The HBTC Halloween Special VHS release is limited to just 15 copies, and each edition includes a 12-page Halloween activity book (featuring illustrations from local Kansas City artists!) to help ensure full-on funtimes. And as if that wasn’t enough awesomeness to satiate your Halloween senses, each release also includes a radical bag of sweet tricks and treats! Yeah, like candy and junk! Here’s the official statement about the release from the dudes over at MMR: “Halloween is an insanely special time of year for us here in the Magnetic Crew, and we really want to share this love with all of you. This led us to jam-packing all things spooky and rad into one package for each viewer out there, so we could all celebrate the holiday together. We also are releasing the package as soon as our favorite month begins so that everyone gets a chance to grab the package before Halloween night! Plenty of love and care went into making this release, with everything from shooting the Halloween Special itself to picking out what candy to include in the pack. Not to mention grabbing the help of insanely talented local artists, and my good buds, Arian Gimbutas and Mike Schultz (fellow co-workers at Barkley, a design firm here in Kansas City) to bring together the Activity Book. This package, all-in-all, really was a huge collaborative effort that brought forth the best and most rad of all our talents to pour them into the greatest of holidays. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.”


A little peek at the Halloween Activity Book that comes with each HBTC release. Yo, that little Mummy dude RULES.

Both Forever Bogus’s A Totally Bogus Halloween Mixtape Volume 1 and PDC: House by the Cemetery Halloween Special! are set to go live RIGHT HERE on October 2nd at 12:01 AM CST (that’s 1:01 AM EST and 10:01 PM PDT) are once they’re gone, they’re VHiStory, Tapeheads. And, yeah, man, that release date IS just THREE DAYS away so be sure to make yourself a magnetic note so you don’t forget and pull a total boner by missing out! Magnetic Magic Rentals says, "Once you see these tapes, your Halloween will never be the same!"

Groove and Groove and Let’s Get the Whole Country Saying, “BOOoOOOoo, DUUuuuUUDEEE!!”

Josh Schafer

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