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A while back here in Lunchmeat Land, the totally awesome illustrator Tavi Veraldi (aka Poor Milk) and I debuted the first installment in a series of VHS-driven comic collaborations that were created to explore the many musings brought on by a fervent affection for our favorite format. We decided to title it MAGNETIC MEMORIES (see what we did there?), our first strip relaying a tribute to that absolutely amazing and unforgettable Frankenhooker talking VHS box, highlighting the pure joy that it provided with a simple touch of a button. If you missed it, you can click here to check that...

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Well, Tapeheads, it looks like even 20th Century Fox is getting in on the fresh VHS game! According to a report on the unofficial San Diego Comic Con blog relaying a tweet from the Offcial Deadpool Twitter account, the 2016 superhero smash hit starring Ryan Reynolds will be receiving an extremely limited VHS release at the upcoming SDCC event, which starts tonight with a preview and then runs from July 21st – 24th. For each day of the actual fest, the VHS will be given to the first 25 customers who purchase the Deadpool Blu-Ray from the Fox Home Entertainment...

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As the admiration for our favorite format seems to continually abound through an array of artistic representations across the rewind-inclined world, it only seems proper for that celebration to ooze its way into the realm of amazing low-brow illustration. Allow me to introduce you to the Night Watch Crew: the most bodacious duo of Tallboy and Krusty (who, in fact, is a totally rad CHICK!) who over the past few years, have been issuing independent zines chock full of jaw-dropping illustration creations and collaborating with some of the most fantastic and face-melting illustrators on the planet. Their newest issue is...

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After a childhood filled with pulpy pages brimming with monsters and madmen leading to a life rife with heavy metal records and horror movies on plastic formats, illustrator, artist and all-around creative dude Joe Deagnon found his voice in creating comics. He’s worked his share of day jobs: porno theater snack purveyor, animation cell painter, and of course, he put in his time behind the counter at a video rental shop or two. All of these escapist and occupational experiences twist together and manifest through panel and page to create Joe’s collection of comics called Paranoid Tales of Neurosis. The...

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Cultivating his tenebrous and trenchant style through an early entry into the comic world, illustrator extraordinaire Michael Boeckelmann has now endeavored to take his art from the page-turning pulp of comics and into the magnetic munching heads of your VCR. Along with the analog assistance of fresh VHS stalwarts King of the Witches, Boeckelmann’s Anubis Video has already unleashed one re-animated slab of cult excess, with another all ready to unreel at this weekend’s Severed Short Film night and HVHSCU Convention. Armed with an acute nostalgia for the glory days of our favorite format and an adept imagination for rendering...

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