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Here at Lunchmeat, we’re nuts about nostalgia. Indeed, we want you Videovores out there to use our zine and website as a sort of time machine that can take you back to times when life was cooler, simpler and abounding with toys, comics and monster cereal (for dinner). I recently came across an amazingly groovy website called that features all of these wildy awesome things and then some. Editor-in-Chief Rondal Scott was cool enough to give us some insight on what being a Strange Kid is all about… Now where did I put my six-pack of Candy Corn flavored...

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Let’s face it . . . most of us collect old horror flicks on VHS because the cover art kicks major ass. The movies themselves are, for the most part, pretty terrible & very much a product of their time. But looking at VHS box art is like time travel – we instantly remember the time & place on the shelf where we first laid eyes on them. The tag lines, the dripping fonts, the gore that graces the front & back of each box – all of these elements (unfortunately overlooked as strategies to entice the viewer in today’s...

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