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RAREVISION Offers an IOS Application that Transforms your iPhone and iPad into an 80s VHS Camcorder Allowing You to Capture Audio and Video Imbued with Analog Aesthetics!

In what could be seen as an ultimate dose of analog irony, there is now an application for your iPhone and iPad that allows you to capture audio and video with your smartphone with amazingly authentic VHS camcorder quality. That’s right, Tapeheads, I’m talking glorious bottom-screen static grit, home video visual grain, a washed out rewind-inclined color palette and, yes, even an era authentic date and time stamp that you can spoof to create the illusion of taking your video anytime from the 80s up until right now.


Looks pretty dang good to me, Tapeheads! I wonder if they have a flashing battery addition in here? Now that would rule.

Originally reported HERE on TechCrunch.com by Drew Olanoff, he employed the app to capture a video of his canine buddy Apollo to help demonstrate the app’s analog authenticity. Check out Apollo get a little rewind awakening RIGHT HERE! The app also has a setting that makes the picture “worse” by tilting the camera. Hell... the more magnetic malfunctions the merrier, I VHSay! Once you’ve completed your VHS video, VHS CAMCORDER allows you to show the world your faux-camcorder creations with a share sheet (or your camera roll), connected to Instagram and other social media sites.


The icon for the RAREVISION VHS CAMCORDER application. You know we can dig it.

The app itself was created by a company called Rarevision and is available on the iTunes store for $3.99. I totally recommend checking out their radical pitch on their homepage for a full rundown of the rewind-inclined abilities and info on how to grab it. For any Tapehead looking to create some modern day magnetic memories, this is app is apt to be 4 bones well VHSpent.

Groove and Groove and Analog Aesthetics Abound.

Josh Schafer

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