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In the world of VHS collecting, the question of where to buy a working and reliable VCR comes up often, and for good reason, Tapeheads. The majority of VCRs are purchased second-hand from thrift stores, yard sales or places akin, and are usually not guaranteed. Years of use, unknown former owner habits and the heavy usage from you, the modern Videovore, puts these playback machines at perpetual risk. Unless you’re tech savvy and completely capable of repairing and refurbishing a broken VCR, when your machine craps out, it inevitably sets you off on a journey of uncertain results, combing the wild for your next imperative analog outfit. However, my fellow Tapeheads, there may be another answer. While roaming through the wilds of the world weird web, I VHStumbled across a site called a family-owned small online business based out of Portland, OR that finds, refurbishes and resells quality VCRs and video accessories for the analog aficionado. In order to get a better idea of their analog-inclined operation, here is an excerpt from their “About Us” section on their site: “We are a small, family business made up of a true, four-person family. We took our love of older electronics and our technical knowledge in the field to bring you offers refurbished VCRs, DVD/VHS combo's, TV/VCR combos and other hard-to-find, often discontinued electronics. If you don't see what you are looking for in our site, just ask. We take pride in our great customer service and in our great store policies. All items ship for free and with no sales tax in the United Sates (No Sales Tax in Oregon). All items come with a 90 day warranty. You may wonder what we mean by "refurbished." In a nutshell, we take pre-owned VCRs that are in great cosmetic shape. We then replace or service moving parts, manually clean heads, and lubricate all moving parts. When you buy from us, you not only get professionally re-built items, but you also get our support. We can help you setup your device by phone and answer other questions you may have about its use before or after purchase.” Now, just for clarity purposes, I’ve never ordered from this site. However, after inspecting the site’s disclaimers and all of its information, I feel like this place is legit and could certainly be a fantastically viable option for the modern Tapehead in search of a trusty video cassette recorder. If you have any doubts, their contact info is easily accessible all throughout the site, and I recommend reaching out with any questions before placing an actual order.


A look at the website / storefront for! Info and contact are easily accessible, and there's a bunch of machines available. Prices aren't bad, either, considering their practically like new!

And now that I’ve made my disclaimer, let’s get down to what they have to offer! The selection of VCRs clocks in at just about 30 choices, some DVD / VCR combo, and some with standard single VHS playback. also offers TV/VCR combos (which they seem to be out of at the moment), and accessories such as head cleaners and video converters. Most of the playback machines have remotes, too, which I think we can all appreciate, mang. Some even come complete with the original manual and instructions. Dig it. You can check out their entire stock RIGHT HERE. The playback machines range in price from $50 - $80, with an ALL REGION player going for about $120.


An example of the display pictures on! They also provide a peek at the back panel for each machine. I love the display holder for the remote. Classy, mang. See more HERE.

What also VHStrikes me is their 90 day warranty and customer support. To offer that kind of warranty on a machine of this type is pretty amazing and shows a substantial bid of self-confidence in their work. Plus, the fact they will get on the horn with you and help you set it up? This family must be a set of VHSaints. To quote “Finding a reliable VHS VCR Player is increasingly more difficult to do, but you have come to the right place!” We certainly hope so, man!


An example of just one of the combo decks has for sale. With REMOTE AND MANUAL! Dig it.

If any of you Tapeheads out there are aware of any other resources such as these, or if you’ve used and have any feedback, please comment below! With sites like this, it’s apparent that the passion for analog entertainment stretches across all types and inclinations. And that’s pretty groovy, mang.

Groove and Groove and Make it a Family Analog Affair.

Josh Schafer

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