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Analog-Driven Composers Dallas Campbell and OGRE Collaborate to Create an OST for a VHS Era Slasher Film That Never Was – ALL HALLOWS! VHStreaming Album and VHS Cover Artwork for the Faux-Film Revealed!

Some really radical rewind-inclined OST scoring work from UK-based OGRE and US-based Dallas Campbell is ready to invade your ears, Tapeheads. Despite living 3,594 miles apart, and having never met in person, OGRE and Campbell have managed to collaborate online through the wondrous power of the world weird web and create ALL HALLOWS: an all analog synth soundtrack to an 80's slasher film that never was, paired with a short story that taps into the collective legacy of 70's and 80's horror cinema. ALL HALLOWS is very much inspired by the artists’ love of VHS horror flicks, along with the synth-driven soundtracks that so often accompany them. Indeed, the ALL HALLOWS OST is saturated with that pulse-driven suspense that permeates the signature 80s analog synth scoring sound. It broods, and wanders in and out of a seemingly ethereal world, emoting feelings of observing an expansive celestial skyscape and then suddenly transporting you back to the cold, dark place below your feet. ALL HALLOWS also has hints that inescapable (and always welcome) Italian horror scoring influence, peppered even with a choice danceable beat or two. Altogether, it’s one eerily alluring aural experience apt to please fans of John Carpenter, Zombi and synth-driven artists akin. Here’s a look at the faux-VHS artwork created for ALL HALLOWS:


A look at the faux-VHS cover art for ALL HALLOWS by Faye Simms. Dig that MCA Home Video Canada sticker, man.

As mentioned above, though there is no actual film, there is a story attached to these sounds, which is readable in the “about” section of each song. There’s also a list of equipment, which would certainly be of interest to all of the analog gear heads out there. Here it is, as taken directly from there site: Dallas' gear: Moog Sonic Six, Farfisa Syntorchestra, Korg SQ10, EHX DLX Memory Man, Doepfer Dark Time, SCI Pro One, Tascam Portastudio 424, Roland SH101, TR55, Juno 6, RS505, MKS70, CR8000. OGRE's gear: Korg Mono/Poly, MS-20, SQ-1, Volca Beats, Novation Bass Station Rack, Jen KPS 900, Ibanez CS-9, Rose Morris Avon Organ, Tape loops. The duo’s ALL HALLOWS OST is available for purchase, or fully VHStreamable here: If you dig this project, be sure to stay tuned to their Official Bandcamp site as many more collaborations are said to be happening. Here in Lunchmeat Land, we can’t wait. We’re just waiting for them release one of their next album on actual VHS. Now that would RULE.

Groove and Groove and Listen to the VHSounds.

Josh Schafer

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