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Here’s a bit of totally radical rewind news for any super-fans of the supremely dominant 90s live-action series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Tapeheads! It looks like actress Amy Jo Johnson AKA The OG Pink Ranger has decided to part with her entire collection of MMPR episodes on VHS (117 tapes to be exact!), all of which are being sold via an eBay auction scheduled to end on February 20th 2016 at approximately 11AM EST. She is offering to sign the entire collection, too, which is sure to VHSweeten the deal for the lucky rewind-inclined winner. A pic of Amy Jo...

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Some exciting fresh VHS news from Ogden, Utah’s Lost Media Archive is a’brewing, Tapeheads! LMA’s main brain and obscure film aficionado BC Sterrett has unearthed and re-animated the super-rare, shot-on-Super 8 Brad Anderson / Mike Brunelle film FRANKENSTEIN’S PLANET OF MONSTERS! on Limited Edition VHS! Originally shot in 1993 in MA, there were apparently a few initial VHS copies that went out as payment to the actors involved with the film, but after a single screening at an art museum as a double feature with FREAKS, the film has since fell into deep obscurity. Now, 20 years later, FRANKENSTEIN’S PLANET...

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The Holidaze are off and rewind runnin’, Tapeheads, and to kick off all of end of year analog excitement, we offer up some exclusive news from Lunchmeat Land that’s sure to get you and your trusty VCR in the Holiday VHSpirit! The announcement comes from the video vindicating dudes over at Magnetic Magic Rentals and Forever Bogus as they have slapped together a mighty righteous yuletide high-five and created a most excellent and very merry Christmas mixtape loaded with video era nostalgia including classic TV specials, obscure Holiday flicks, merry music videos, bodacious bumpers, and of course, tons of classic...

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Autumn has officially arrived, my fellow Tapeheads, and to ring in the annual excitement, we’re here to serve up another anti-digitally delicious analog announcement apt to make your Halloween film festivities twice as VHSweet! This time we offer some exclusive fresh VHS news from the video vindicators over at Magnetic Magic Rentals. They’ve cooked up two rewind radical Limited Edition tape treats for this Halloween season, jam-packed with an abundance of all things spooky and sticky-sweet, made ready to arrive before the Samhain and turn your VCR into a full-on party. A TOTALLY BOGUS HALLOWEEN sittin' pretty on the shelf....

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While out rummaging through the wild this past weekend on my never-ending quest for slabs of black plastic gold, the rack of rewind remnants resting at DVD Game Exchange in the totally radical New Castle Farmers Market in New Castle, DE offered me one of the most intriguingly odd and amusingly uncomfortable video finds I’ve come across in quite a long time: The Blockbuster Kidprint Identification Video! Here it is, my fellow Videovores. An Official Kidprint tape from Blockbuster. There's gotta be a pin floating around with this Kidprint logo. There just has to be. Created around 1990 through a...

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