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Actress Amy Jo Johnson AKA The OG Pink Ranger Offers Up Signed Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers VHS from Her Personal Collection via eBay!

Here’s a bit of totally radical rewind news for any super-fans of the supremely dominant 90s live-action series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Tapeheads! It looks like actress Amy Jo Johnson AKA The OG Pink Ranger has decided to part with her entire collection of MMPR episodes on VHS (117 tapes to be exact!), all of which are being sold via an eBay auction scheduled to end on February 20th 2016 at approximately 11AM EST. She is offering to sign the entire collection, too, which is sure to VHSweeten the deal for the lucky rewind-inclined winner.


A pic of Amy Jo with one of the signed original VHS viewing copies of MMPR up for grabs on the auction. To me, this face says, "You want dis VHSssSS???!! Come and get it!!!" That's just me, though.

The original listing amount started at just $100, a price that was apparently only in place for shipping. Here’s her description from auction: “Hello there!! Spring cleaning in the middle of winter! I'm Amy Jo Johnson and I'm selling my old VHS tapes of the Power Ranger episodes I was in. The tapes are copies of the show and I'll sign every tape for you. They were the ones given to me as we shot the series. 117 VHS tapes in all. I'm starting the bid at 100$ for shipping. It's two big boxes I'll be sending out. Hope these tapes find a happy home!!” As of the time of this blog post (2/15/2016) the bid is up to a whopping $760, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it jump even higher as there are still a few days left on this incredible analog auction with plenty of MMPR super-fans out there to weigh in.

POWERrangers_EBAYVHS_for site

Whoever wins this auction, this is probably how they'll be feeling once the open the box from Amy Jo.

Honestly, it's pretty radical that Amy Jo would create an offer like this and allow the opportunity for these original viewing copy VHS to make their way into someone’s collection. Amy Jo, we here in Lunchmeat Land VHSalute you!

Groove and Groove and Remember the Killer Clones.

Josh Schafer

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