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Heads up to all the Videovores of Allentown and VHSurrounding areas, man! On Saturday, March 4th at THE ALTERNATIVE GALLERY located at 707 N 4th St, Ste 103, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102, it’s a totally FREE analog-driven event you just won't wanna miss! Featuring an all-new exhibition from The Museum of VHS, Analog Appreciation Day will also offer a BYOT (Bring Your Own Tapes!) VHS swap, a bunch of video vindicating vendors, mad munchies and a special screening of the LUNCHMEAT co-produced full-length feature documentary Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector! Plus, surprise screenings via VHS and...

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Heads up to the Videovores of Southern California and VHSurrounding areas! This coming Saturday, January 14th at BLAST FROM THE PAST in Burbank, the rewind-inclined peeps at FILM TRAUMA are throwing a VHS-driven shindig that will be crawling with genre celebrities, groovy giveaways, and of course, a mess of magnetic magic for sale and swap, man! The REWIND IT! HORROR VHS SWAP starts at 12noon and goes until 4PM. This is a totally FREE event with plenty of FREE parking! BONUS! Here’s the official advert from FILM TRAUMA just below, Tapeheads…     Here's all the info, yo! I wanna...

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The steady stream of VHS-driven events continues to flow with another totally radical VHS fest happening this upcoming weekend, taking place right next to the VHSandy shores of Asbury Park, NJ. Video Meltdown (aka VHS Meltdown) is kicking off on September, 3rd 2016 at Groovy Graveyard, running from 10am – 9pm (with the possibility of extending it to the next day!). You can get all the essential info on the official event page, but to get a little more insight on the assortment of analog that will be up for grabs at the event, Lunchmeat caught up with the caretaker...

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Independently organized VHS swaps and screenings seem to be spreading like rewind-inclined wildfire, Tapeheads. Events like the annual Severed Horror VHS Collector’s Unite convention, Lo-Fi Video’s Buy or Die VHSwaps in L.A., the influence of Tape Eaters in the mid-west, and most recently, the Night of 1000 VHS hosted by Horror Boobs in Brooklyn, all indicate exciting and important times for modern day tape trading and VHS collecting culture. Cue the Pacific Northwest’s answer to the burgeoning presence of tape swap and VHS-centric events: THE SWAPPING DEAD. Come Sunday August 28th, the SD crew will be launching their 5th installment...

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If you’re going to be in the Brooklyn, NY area on Friday, August 19th and are looking for an incredible explosion of analog excitement, look no further, Tapeheads. The video vindicators at Horror Boobs are teaming up with the Brooklyn Fire Proof Summer Screening series to host a monumental rewind-inclined event entitled “Night of 1000 VHS” which will offer a 1000+ tape VHS Swap and a selection of eye-popping analog-era clips, trailers with a secret feature, all screened from genuine VHS sources! No digital on this night, Videovores! Lunchmeat will also be live in the flesh ready with all the...

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