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The Halloween VHSeason quickly approaches, Tapeheads, and if you’re in the Philadelphia area and looking for one rewind radical time on Halloween weekend 2017, we’ve got you covered, dude. LUNCHMEAT is proud to present the TAPE OR TREAT VHS SWAP at Century Bar located at the corner of 29th and Reed streets in South Philly! Groove on through and bask in an avalanche of absolutely spectacular VHS overload, driven by a small army of vendors spilling forth a mind-bending medley of VHS and related rewind-inclined wares, all up for trade or sale! That’s right: trade! Bring a bag or box...

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I had originally written this piece on July 24th, 2016 on a bus ride up to Horror Boobs Headquarters in New York, subsequently submitting it to the first issue of an indie VHS-centric zine which unfortunately never made it to publication. This piece has stayed in the back of my mind since last year, and after re-reading it the other day and finding it to still carry relevance in the culture, I thought to publish here in Lunchmeat Land as a throwback. Here’s that piece in its entirety, with only a couple minor tweaks… Let's get back to July 2016,...

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Heads up to the Videovores of Southern California and VHSurrounding areas! This coming Saturday, January 14th at BLAST FROM THE PAST in Burbank, the rewind-inclined peeps at FILM TRAUMA are throwing a VHS-driven shindig that will be crawling with genre celebrities, groovy giveaways, and of course, a mess of magnetic magic for sale and swap, man! The REWIND IT! HORROR VHS SWAP starts at 12noon and goes until 4PM. This is a totally FREE event with plenty of FREE parking! BONUS! Here’s the official advert from FILM TRAUMA just below, Tapeheads…     Here's all the info, yo! I wanna...

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