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The #VHSforever hashtag is one that's been trending on the world weird web for a while now (peep it on Instagram if you’re so inclined!), and a sentiment that is seemingly resounding more and more as our favorite format continues its rise to total rebirth. And now, courtesy of the rewind-inclined peeps at Portland Patch Project you can now express your undying analog affection in patch form! Here’s a look at it below!     Thurrr she is, Tapeheads! The colors, Duke, the colors! Grab it here!   The patch is credited to Kris Johnsen, and will cost you 7...

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Here in Lunchmeat Land, it is our express intention to encourage everyone to exercise the power of Videocassette Recorders on a daily basis. So imagine our delight when June 7th comes around, the day that someone out there has officially deemed in total celebration as National VCR Day! Certainly, we can dig it, but where does National VCR Day come from? A good question, and one that doesn’t seem to have an exact answer. According to NationalDayCalendar.com, the creator and origin of National VCR day is unclear, very similar to May 22nd’s National Vanilla Pudding Day. Go figure. Though the...

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