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The #VHSforever hashtag is one that's been trending on the world weird web for a while now (peep it on Instagram if you’re so inclined!), and a sentiment that is seemingly resounding more and more as our favorite format continues its rise to total rebirth. And now, courtesy of the rewind-inclined peeps at Portland Patch Project you can now express your undying analog affection in patch form! Here’s a look at it below!     Thurrr she is, Tapeheads! The colors, Duke, the colors! Grab it here!   The patch is credited to Kris Johnsen, and will cost you 7...

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Some of the more culturally current Tapeheads are probably familiar with the relatively recent release of the VHS-centric documentaries that have helped fuel a rush of rewind-inclined nostalgia over the past couple of years. Josh Johnson’s format-focused, VHS vindicating creation Rewind This! and the Lunchmeat co-produced , collector-centric Adjust Your Tracking have together offered audiences a well-rounded look at the format in both retrospective and contemporary cultural senses while featuring a stupendous stack of fantastic video releases from the US - but what about the video collectors of the UK? Surely with the Video Nasty scandal of the early 80s,...

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