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Analog Aficionado and Former Troma Team Member Matt Manjourides Prepares to Unleash a VHS Re-Animation of Cult Splatter Classic STREET TRASH with his MegaFilms Brand! PLUS! MEGAFOOT and GWAR!! DIG IT!

Plentiful years of video store experience and piles of high-profile production management with indie cinema giant Troma Entertainment have helped video enthusiast Matt Manjourides keep in stride with the analog dream. He’s the guy that helped convince Uncle Llyodie to put Troma trash classics back on tape, and serve ‘em up for your anti-digital delight in those bodacious and beautiful big boxes. Manjourides has since moved on from his post over at Troma, and is now out to create his own brand of magnetic magic with the first analog re-animation incarnation for his MegaFilms banner: the cult splatter classic Street Trash! Read on, my fellow Videovores, and get ready to stick some Viper in your VCR and melt your heads all over again 30 years later…


The absolutely 80's MEGAFILMS logo! I wanna hang out here.

Tell us a little about yourself and the start of MegaFilms. What was the impetus to begin? I started working at video stores in High School in the mid 90’s, continued through college and then after college. I worked in Hell’s Kitchen editing and replicating videos at one of the oldest adult stores in the city; I then started working at Troma Entertainment. I worked at Troma for 7 years. During that time I produced some of their feature films including Father’s Day and Return To Nuke ‘Em High Vol.1 and 2. I was also head of Troma Team Video, which meant I handled all their distribution, both international and domestic. Although bogged down with some really bad acquisitions, I tried to put out some classic titles that may have been unreleased or had previously been released in low quality and under-appreciated way, and started doing some great releases in a way Troma had not done before. These releases included titles like Hanging Woman, Mad Dog Morgan (2 disc) and The Last Horror Film. I was able to create some special edition releases like the 4-disc Fathers Day. I also was able to oversee the re-mastering of Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Mother’s day, Toxic Avenger, and Blood Sucking Freaks. These Blu Ray releases were very strong. (I left before this year’s Blu Ray releases came out.) Now for the VHS… I wanted to release a title to the public on VHS for a while, but it wasn’t until House of the Devil came out that I got Troma to actually fund it. To set these releases apart, I knew I had to do the big boxes that people love. I was able to do Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke ‘Em High and Surf Nazis Must Die in the big box. I also did the limited Father’s Day director’s cut on VHS (which is the only way to get the official director’s cut). I actually made sure the quality was at least 4 generations deep on the tape transfers before replicating it to give it that real rental feel. The last VHS Was Loony in the Woods which was a new acquisition, but I decided to only release it on VHS. (It was the first title available by a distributor only released on VHS in 15 years.) Toward the end of my Troma work, I really wanted to start working on my own projects. So after I left Troma, I went fully into starting new projects including Megafoot, but I loved releasing films, so I created Megafilms and licensed Street Trash first and now GWAR’s Skulhedface, as well.


The fresh VHS release of THE TOXIC AVENGER from Troma that Matt helped create. Lookin' GOOD.

Sounds totally anti-digitally dope, mang. Tell us more about the Street Trash release. How did you get involved with the project? I have known Roy Frumkes for years and one day at his apartment he was showing me all the Street Trash VHS releases and I just thought it would be great to release a VHS for the 30th anniversary.


More big box freshness from Troma made possible by the analog-inclined efforts of Matt! Lookin' good AGAIN!

You know I can dig it! I’ve seen a little backlash on the ST re-release here and there. What are your thoughts on all that? Why do you want to bring Street Trash back on VHS? The backlash seems to come from only about 3 or 4 people and it turns out some of them nehave never even seen the movie so they don’t matter… I could care less about what they say. I am releasing this because I want to and I want to see it on my shelf. This is for fans of Street Trash first and VHS collectors second. I am giving a bunch to Roy to sell at conventions, and after manufacturing there isn’t a lot of profit at all. We sold out of all the Troma VHS at $25-$30 so I know they can sell at that, especially with the limited big box package.


A most radical mock-up for the STREET TRASH big box VHS re-animation from MegaFilms! Artwork might be tweaked, man! NOW ON PRE-ORDER HERE!

What are the specs on the release? I know you just added the big box to the mix. Any other extras, etc.? Source material? This is available exclusively through you and this pre-order? This is only available through me. I have pre-sold some units to some stores but it will not be on Amazon, etc. The release will have a special intro by Roy exclusive to this edition and some stuff at the end of the film never seen on any of the US Blu Ray or DVDs.


A still from MegaFilm's flick MEGAFOOT! This needs to be on VHS ASAP, mang. YES.

You mentioned a flick you’re producing called Megafoot? Can you tell us a little about that? Is there a VHS release lined up for that one? Megafoot is a feature film in the works and will be distributed by Epic Pictures (Zombeavers). We probably will do some sort of VHS release, but I haven’t thought about what exactly.


The totally bodacious one-sheet poster for MEGAFOOT. This would ALSO look real good on the cover of a VHS. Just sayin.

What’s next for you, mang? Any other VHS re-animations in the works? More seminal video era re-issues? GWAR’s Skulhedface is next with great new art by Stephen Blickenstaff! Then something really cool from 1980 that I am working on.


This bad boy is comin' back to tape! THANK THE ANALOG GODS!

VHStoked on that shit, man! Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Tapeheads eyeballin’ this analog-obsessed blog?! My business associate Justin Martell also heads up Ship To Shore Phonograph Company with our pal Arron Hamil and they released the Class of Nuke ‘Em High LP and are releasing Martin (Romero) and (Thanks to the huge kickstarter success) Mother soundtrack along with Manos: Hands of Fate.

VHSounds like you and your dudes are mad keeping busy, Matt! A little mix of aural and analog excellence always hits the spot. With all of Matt’s radical rewind-inclined VHSpirit and indie production experience, you can bet your wood grain top-loader that this re-animation of seminal splatter cult classic Street Trash is gonna light up your VCR and beautify your big box shelf, so groove on over to the Official Megafilms Online Store to secure your slab, Tapeheads! (it’s currently on pre-order!) Also be sure to hit up MegaFilms on Facebook to stay updated on that upcoming and sure-to-be totally awesome GWAR home video re-issue. Dang, that’s gonna rule, mang! VHStay tuned, Videovores! More rewind retribution is on the way from Mr. Monjourides and MegaFilms! DIG IT!

Groove and Groove and Let the Magnetic Magic Fall Like Rain.

Josh Schafer

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