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LA-based Lo-Fi Video established themselves in the fresh VHS world with their VHS re-animations of cult horror classics like Don’t Go in the Woods, Rocktober Blood and the absolutely radical big box edition of what is arguably the most ridiculous and lewdly entertaining “exercise” video of all time: Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout. But in the latter half of their existence, Lo-Fi has displayed a knack for capturing the rights to commit some of the most exciting contemporary cult / horror flicks to VHS, including a big box edition of the neo-cult classic post-apocalyptic sci-fi romp Turbo Kid and a limited...

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If you’re a local here Lunchmeat Land, the video vindicating duo of Bleeding Skull! Video and Mondo should already be on your rewind-inclined radar for their outstanding fresh VHS editions of titles like CARDS OF DEATH, THE SOULTANGLER, NIGHT FEEDER and most recently, the regional shot-on-video mind-melter SCARY TALES. Bleeding Skull has also been keeping up the analog-induced excitement with their steadfast work on unearthing, reviving and preparing for the total re-animation of an (almost) totally lost piece of outstanding SOV trash cinema from director James Bryan called JUNGLE TRAP that’ll be making its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in...

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