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CAMP MOTION PICTURES and LUNCHMEAT Prepare to Unleash the Limited Edition VHS and Deluxe DVD for AMERICAS DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO! Pre-Order / Purchase Info with Release Party and Screening Dates!

It is with extreme pleasure and immense excitement that we are finally able to announce the schedule of events for the Camp Motion Pictures / Lunchmeat co-release of the first-ever DVD and Deluxe VHS re-issue of AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO! If you aren’t familiar with the SOV beast that is ADHV, be sure to peep the trailer and read through the synopsis so you can get acquainted, Tapeheads! The re-animation of this title has been years in the making, and now, Jack Perez’s pioneering shot-on-video thriller from 1991 is finally prepared to get the widespread release it so rightly deserves! Both the Limited Edition Collector’s VHS and Deluxe DVD are currently available for pre-order on Forbidden Planet (which will come to you signed by actor / produced Mick Wynhoff and actress Mollena Williams!), but if you are going to be in the Philadelphia / NY area from the 10th to the 15th of May, here’s a list of all of the launch events and screenings for AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO! Come on out and party with us!


Come on out and party with us, man! THIS WILL RULE! Please share this image (or the poster below - or both!) and VHSpread the rewind word!!

**INTITIAL LAUNCH PARTY!!** Tuesday, May 10th at Viva Video in Ardmore, PA (10 mins outside of Philadelphia) 7PM – 10PM: This is a FREE event with a FREE screening of the film! Limited Edition VHS and Deluxe DVDs on hand, along with some totally radical raffles from LUNCHMEAT and CAMP MOTION PICTURES! LUNCHMEAT Editor-in-Chief Josh Schafer will be in attendance to intro the film, explain his involvement with bringing this film back from obscurity and party down with you!! For full address, info and directions, please visit the Official Event Page on Facebook! Thursday, May 12th at Forbidden Planet 7PM – 9PM: This is a FREE event! Celebrity Guests Mick Wynhoff and Mollena Williams will be on hand at FP to sign the ADHV releases, talk about the film and just have a groovy time, man! Both Josh Schafer of LUNCHMEAT and Matt D. of HORROR BOOBS will be in attendance, as well, handing out VHScratch-off tickets where you could instantly win radical prizes! Check out the FORBIDDEN PLANET website for more details! Friday, May 13th at Nitehawk Cinema 11:45PM – 3AM: HORROR BOOBS Presents a 12:20am screening of AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO with celebrity Guests Mick Wynhoff and Mollena Williams in attendance! Both Matt D. from Horror Boobs and Josh Schafer from LUNCHMEAT will be hangin’ loose to help liven things up! Tickets for this event are available HERE! Saturday, May 14th at Nitehawk Cinema 11:45 – 3AM: HORROR BOOBS Presents a 12:20am screening of AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO! Both Matt D. from Horror Boobs and Josh Schafer from LUNCHMEAT will be hangin’ loose with plenty of VHS tapes and radical rewind wares in tow! Tickets for this event are available HERE! Sunday, May 15th at Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers 9:30PM – 11:30PM: A screening of ADHV hosted by the one and only Michael Gingold Editor-in-Chief of FANGORIA! Tickets for this event can be purchased HERE!


The Official poster for the ADHV Launch Party at VIVA VIDEO in Ardmore, PA! Hope to VHSee you there, Videovores!

And if you’re unable to attend these radical release events and screenings, fear not, man! You can still grab your copy of the Deluxe DVD and Limited Edition VHS for AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO on the Alternative Cinema website by clicking this hot, hot, hot link! Honestly, Tapeheads, words really cannot express how incredibly elated I am to finally see this project come to fruition, and give people the opportunity to experience this incredible and ingenious piece of independent filmmaking. Not only is ADHV a retrospectively innovative piece of shot-on-video filmmaking, but it’s also one hell of a flick that once you’ve seen it, you won’t soon forget. You have my rewind word on that. Here are the full details on the AMERICA'S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO Deluxe DVD and Limited Edition VHS releases. Both are available for pre-order right now via AlternativeCinema.com! DELUXE AMERICA'S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO DVD - 1991 / 85 mins. / Horror, Thriller / Color / Not Rated / 4x3 Full Frame / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Two Commentary Tracks; ADHV trailer; Trailer Vault; Liner Notes by Josh Schafer (Lunchmeat Magazine) LIMITED EDITION AMERICA'S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO VHS (Strictly limited to 100 units) - 1991 / 85 mins. / Horror, Thriller / Color / Not Rated / 4x3 Full Frame / NTSC / English -- Release includes the following: - America’s Deadliest Home Video (ADHV) videocassette in bottom-load VHS sleeve featuring newly commissioned artwork - ADHV original release bottom-load VHS sleeve - ADHV original release 11” x 17” 2-sided poster - ADHV “I Survived A Ride with the Clint Dryer Gang” bumper sticker - ADHV key fob in evidence baggie - ADHV postcard featuring awesome liner notes by Josh Schafer, Editor-in-Chief Lunchmeat Magazine

Both the DVD and VHS are available to pre-order online , even if you can't make it to the events!!So go ahead, Videovores: reserve your slab, sit tight and once it arrives, pop it in and see if you can survive the ride!!

Groove and Groove and She’s a Bitch… but she’s a GREAT shot!

Josh Schafer

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