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FRIGHT RAGS Offers Up Custom Knit Crew Socks Celebrating the Iconic Horror VHS Rental Sticker!

When it comes to awakening some essential video rental store nostalgia, that little green horror genre sticker that adorned so many of our favorite flicks really VHStrikes a chord. Back in the glory days of physical video rental bliss, these stickers were really just doing their job. Fast forward to the present, and they’re retrospectively representative of a particular time, neatly encapsulating a crucial essence through what was once thought to be a minor detail. The new wave of rewind-inclined appreciation has already inspired some radical wares made in tribute these little green guys with Chicago-based Creepy Co.’s open edition enamel pin and amazingly detailed turntable slipmats, but horror threads heavy-hitter Fright Rags has recently brought these stickers back to life with some analog-inclined fashion for your feet. Tapeheads, I give you, the Horror Sticker socks!


VHSlip 'em on, Videovores! They look pretty comfy. Grab a pair HERE.

According the Fright Rags site, these bad boys are 25% cotton, 47% nylon, 15% polyester, 2% lycra, 11% acrylic and are one size fits most. They’ll cost you 12 bones per pair and should arrive at your door in less than week once you place your order. So go ahead, Tapeheads: groove to the Official Fright Rags site, and slip on these radical VHSocks. You know that was coming.

Groove and Groove and Now I Need Some VHShoes!

Josh Schafer

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