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SHOUT! FACTORY TV Unveils the VHS VAULT offering Streaming VHS Versions of the Lunchmeat Co-Produced Documentary ADJUST YOUR TRACKING Alongside Five Horror / Exploitation VHS Classics!

A rewind-retro Halloween treat has recently been launched by the horror-loving folks over at Shout! Factory, offering up streaming VHS versions of some absolutely essential horror and exploitation mainstays from those rental store days. And for the analog icing on the cake? The Lunchmeat co-produced documentary that explores the scope of VHS collector culture Adjust Your Tracking. Yes, as Shout! Factory declares, there’s no VCR needed to enjoy a taste of that old-school analog tape. Simply clickity-click and groove on over to their wonderfully retro VHS VAULT site and experience the grit and grain of the classic horror titles Day of the Dead, Sleepaway Camp and Night of the Demons, get back to VHSchool with Class of 1984 and then get your post-apocalyptic analog fix with Exterminators in the Year 3000! These films, along with Adjust Your Tracking are all FREE, ready to roll right here.


A look at the titles available on Shout! Factory TV's VHS VAULT! Rewind that tape, yo!

Here’s a piece from the official press release from SHOUT FACTORY TV: Shout! Factory TV proudly presents a #ThrowbackThursday of epic proportions! Sit back, relax and return to your retro roots with theVHS Vault. Shout! Factory TV is being kind to rewind you all the way back to the days of VHS, just in time to revisit your favorite Halloween flicks—five cult classics in their VHS pan and scan full-screen ratios, to be exact. Forget about high definition, and relive the style that gives these films the character that cult fans all over yearn for. To top it off, we’re also streaming the documentary filmAdjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector, an exploration of the recent resurgence of VHS culture. It features over 100 interviews with VHS collectors, video store owners, directors and more. This blast from the blast comes complete with a throwback website for your viewing pleasure. All films will be streaming for free on Shout! Factory TV, no rewinding or VHS player required! Fans can also watch the VHS Vault block on on desktop, tablet and mobile, and on Shout! Factory TV’s app on Roku and Samsung smart TVs. Streaming VHS prints of flicks on your smartphone? Welcome to the future, Tapeheads. As ironic as it may be, it’s totally killer that VHS appreciation continues to expand in a number of exciting ways, feeding that flame of video era nostalgia and overall love for the greatest format that ever hit the homestead. Shout! Factory’s newest launch certainly indicates that everyone is catching (back) on to the wonderful ways of the VHS tape, and even though it’s no longer the absolute king of contemporary home entertainment, it’s still the coolest way to watch weird movies. You can quote me on that, man. Here’s a look at the promo bumper for the launch. Is that a Tamagotchi on top of that VCR?! Dude. Also, it’s VHSignificant to note that this is the first time Adjust Your Tracking has been offered via free streaming anywhere, so if you’ve been meaning to check it out and see what VHS collectors are really all about, this is a killer opportunity to do just that. It’s an all-embracing view into the world of the modern Videovore, overflowing with vibrant passion, amazing personalities, and candid comedy. So, what are you waiting for, duder? Go watch it FOR FREE RIGHT HERE!! And while you’re at it, be sure to grab a few slices of pizza, some chicken nugs and a bucket your favorite beverage. It’s the only way to live, dude.

Groove and Groove and VHStreaming is here, man.

Josh Schafer

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