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MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Creator Joel Hodgson Launches a Kickstarter Campaign to Resurrect His Cult Cinema Comedy Show and Offers Up VHS Perk Alongside Many Others!

Often imitated but never duplicated, the awesomely influential and widely adored cult-cinema centric comedy show Mystery Science Theater 3000 may be returning from the grave. MST3K creator Joel Hodgson is currently running a 30 day campaign through Kickstarter to bring the show back for at least three more episodes, able to be made for a total pledge of $2,000,000, with a potential of 12 episodes AKA a full season (!!), made for about 5 and half million dollars. So, why is this of particular interest to Tapeheads everywhere? Aside from the fact that this show totally rules, and has paid hilarious homage to so much cheezy cult cinema, one of the rewards (at the $250 level) is a copy of the MST3K Kickstarter Pilot Episode on Limited Edition VHS! Yessir, for a $250 pledge, you’ll receive a VHS copy of the pilot along with a bunch of other goodies including a MST3K mission patch, stickers, a poster, a coffee mug and more. No artwork or production peeks have been released for the tape just yet, but we here in Lunchmeat Land whipped up this image below to spread the analog awareness!


Check out EXPERIMENT 250 on the Kickstarter to grab a slab of MST3K on VHS, man!

Here are the details on the VHS perk directly from the Official Bring Back MST3K Kickstarter page: EXPERIMENT 250: KEEP CIRCULATING THE TAPE! Walk back to the past with these old-school rewards! Share the newest riffs with your friends with the MST3K KICKSTARTER PILOT EPISODE ON COLLECTIBLE VHS*, with a special introduction from Joel. You'll be the talk of 1988! They say VHS is the new vinyl, but they only say that at first. Then, bust out some thread and start stitching the OFFICIAL MST3K MISSION PATCHES** onto your backpack or Rowsdower-approved denim jacket. Featuring JOEL (100 missions), MIKE (97 missions) and the next host (0 missions), they're the perfect way to prove you'll sit through anything. *See FAQ for more details. **We'll share the patch design(s) on this page before the campaign ends! Also includes all rewards in EXPERIMENTS 010, 025, 035, 050, 075, 100, 150 and 200. The campaign is currently at about 8,000 backers with just about half of the $2,000,000 needed to bring back MST3K already raised, so all in all, it’s looking pretty dang good! There are 5000 VHS tape packages offered with just about 4800 still available, so be sure to groove on over and help revive one of the coolest cult cinema TV shows to ever exist, and get yourself a collectible VHS copy of what is apt to become a piece of retro revival TV history! All of the information on the full campaign and how to pledge is available RIGHT HERE or by visiting!

Groove and Groove and Grab Some Slim-Jims and Obscene Trucker Tapes!

Josh Schafer

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