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Heads up, Tapeheads of Charlotte, NC and VHSurrounding areas!! Wanna watch a mega rare shot on video bad taste horror comedy from the 90s… in a video store?! WE GOT YOU!     LUNCHMEAT is wildly VHStoked to invite you to the absolutely awesome video rental destination VISART VIDEO in Charlotte, NC on FRIDAY, MAY 31st for a screening of Steve Latshaw’s (JACK-O, BIOHAZARD: THE ALIEN FORCE) VAMPIRE TRAILER PARK! We are also welcoming writer and star Pat Moran and co-star Cathy Moran to the screening! This is a once in a fright-time opportunity, Tapeheads! So don’t miss it if you can...

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You know us here in Lunchmeat Land to be perpetual proponents of that vintage video rental experience. And though the forums for those encounters are now lesser in number, the rental destinations that are endeavoring to thrive in 2017 are keeping that anti-streaming dream alive. They foster the notion that there are still individuals out there that believe in that in-person interaction and family-like atmosphere that stitch together the essence of a brick and mortar video store. Scott Tepperman is an old school VHS collector and avid filmmaker that wanted to explore this contemporary video store culture, and has created...

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