VHS IS LIFE Set to Revolutionize Mold Removal for Videocassettes with the Release of New Cleaning Machine!

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VHS IS LIFE Set to Revolutionize Mold Removal for Videocassettes with the Release of New Cleaning Machine!

By Josh Schafer


Tapeheads who frequent Lunchmeat Land are surely familiar with the classic mold removal tactics we’ve published in the past, but nascent rewind-inclined entity VHS IS LIFE is ready to revolutionize that process with a machine made expressly to eliminate mold from our favorite format.





Here are the basics you need to know about the VHS IS LIFE mold removal machine:


The cost is $100 per machine. There is also a vacuum attachment (recommended) that will minimize any mold or dirt particles escaping into the air – that vacuum attachment is available for an additional $40.


The cleaner machine weighs approximately 2 LBS, and measures approximately 8 X 8 X 7 inches.


Got Beta tapes you want to clean? No problemo! VHS IS LIFE also offers spindles specifically designed for BETA tapes for an additional $10.





As of this writing, the machines have been out since late May 2024, and have received an overwhelming demand. Orders are currently on halt as new inventory is being manufactured, but you can join the waitlist HERE. If you have any trouble with the form, you can also send an email to the address listed on the VHS IS LIFE contact page.  


Simply use the VHS IS LIFE contact form (or send an email to contact[at]vhsislife[dot]com) and let them know you want to be on the list for the next run of machines. Once they’re available, you’ll be contacted and you can confirm your order.





You can check out the VHS IS LIFE page HERE, which has more information, but here is the low down on the machine, directly from their site:



“Before I send you off to watch the video, allow me to give you the basics of the machine I’ve built. It has a switch to allow you to spool forward and reverse without moving the tape, and the on/off switch is multi-speed to allow you to control the speed at which you clean. It has a vacuum attachment designed to work with the desktop vacuum I’m offering with it, but you can use it without a vacuum or with your own vacuum.  The cleaning columns are designed to allow the cleaning pads to be easily put on and taken off, as well as allowing you to use the same pad multiple times by folding it over and using both sides.  I recommend using the”Pec Pads” which are 4×4 non-abrasive,  lint-free cleaning pads used for cleaning sensitive surfaces.  But you can also use microfiber clothes or other cleaning pads that you feel work.  But I designed the pad holders to work with 4×4 pads so anything smaller will not work with my pad holders.  The vacuum columns do a great job of keeping the mold particles sucked into the vacuum filter when they fly off, and even without the vacuum they will do a good job at containing the mold spores for easy clean up.


One thing to keep in mind is that mold on tapes, especially if it’s heavy mold and has been in high humidity, can cause the tape to stick to itself and tear/shred as it’s being moved from one spool to another.  This is unavoidable and for the most part unable to detect prior to seeing it actually happen. So, it’s always my advice to make your first pass on a heavily molded tape SLOWLY!  Once you feel the tape is going to spool completely with no complications, you can then increase your speed on the next pass."


You will need to order your own PEC PADS, but they are inexpensive and easily available HERE.


And for an in-depth look at the machine, be sure to watch the info and operation video below:





We’ve got our machine on the way, and we cannot wait to try this thing out, Tapeheads. Though our classic mold cleaning method does indeed work wonders, it’s fantastic that VHS IS LIFE has created this product expressly to make our rewind-inclined lived easier and more efficient. Plus, you don't have to waste a VCR just to clean your moldies. 


Stay tuned to VHS IS LIFE for even more radical VHS innovation coming VHSoon, and a fantastic collaboration with us here at LUNCHMEAT. You won’t want to miss what we've got coming next.

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