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Rewind-inclined minds residing in Yonkers, NY and VHSurounding areas are in for a special set of home video-driven screenings throughout the last week of January courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers and the combined programming inclinations of two avid video aficionados Justin LaLiberty and Caetlin Benson-Allott. Running from January 24th until January 31st, KILLER TAPES AND SHATTERED SCREENS is a screening series based on Benson-Allott’s book of the same name, aiming to celebrate and inspire conversation about viewer’s (and horror in general’s) relationship to video, in all of its many manifestations. Tickets for all of the events are currently available HERE...

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Over the past few years, the rewind-inclined crew at Saturn’s Core Audio and Video have established themselves as the premiere entity dedicated to unearthing ultra-obscure and unfailingly brain-bending examples of no-budget, shot-on-video cinema. Saturn’s Core main brain Ross Snyder has also come to be known as a veritable scholar on one particular portion of extremely underground shot-on-video filmmaking, namely Gary Whitson’s New Jersey-based custom movie-making company W.A.V.E. Productions.   Snyder has recently been working alongside cult underground filmmaker and all-around groovy dude William Hellfire (Upsidedown Cross, I Was a Teenage Strangler) to create a documentary called Mail-Order Murder: The Story...

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The wide world of video era promotional materials is as vast as it is exciting, Tapeheads. The nostalgic allure of promotional video store ephemera for the avid Tapehead is undeniable, and if you’ve peeked into our Analog-Tising feature in LUNCHMEAT #8, you might already be aware that Vestron Video was arguably at the top of the video era promo game, producing wondrous items like the outstanding sculpted pewter paperweight for the home video release of Re-Animator.     You didn’t think we’d mention it and not show you, did you, Tapeheads? We wouldn’t do that to you, dude. (Photo Courtesy...

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A little over two years ago in March of 2015, Lunchmeat ran an article exploring the Canadian-based endeavor called PROJECT GET REEL: an initiative that aimed to collect, dismantle and recycle some 2.26 billion unwanted and abandoned VHS tapes overflowing in The Great White North, with intentions to keep them out of the landfill and protect the environment from the plastics and poisonous chemicals that coat those reels of magnetic magic. It’s an honorable endeavor indeed, but the project aroused an important question among VHS collectors and media preservationists alike: what about the copious amounts of assorted cultural material still...

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For many (okay, I’ll say all) fans of contemporary horror, Stranger Things is a show that needs no introduction. Widely lauded by horror fans everywhere as being the near-perfect throwback thriller / horror adventure story that oozes with 80s aesthetics and clever nods to retro essentials, nailing that dose of nostalgia most everyone had been craving, Stranger Things is arguably the best thing to happen to mainstream horror in recent memory. And soon, in another tribute to its retro roots, Netflix will be teaming up with Target to release an exclusive Blu-Ray / DVD set of Stranger Things Season One...

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