SATURN’S CORE A & V Bring the Insanely Obscure Shot On Video Holiday Flick AN EX-HOOKER’S CHRISTMAS CAROL to Limited Edition VHS!

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SATURN’S CORE A & V Bring the Insanely Obscure Shot On Video Holiday Flick AN EX-HOOKER’S CHRISTMAS CAROL to Limited Edition VHS!

Over the past few years, the rewind-inclined crew at Saturn’s Core Audio and Video have established themselves as the premiere entity dedicated to unearthing ultra-obscure and unfailingly brain-bending examples of no-budget, shot-on-video cinema. Saturn’s Core main brain Ross Snyder has also come to be known as a veritable scholar on one particular portion of extremely underground shot-on-video filmmaking, namely Gary Whitson’s New Jersey-based custom movie-making company W.A.V.E. Productions.


Snyder has recently been working alongside cult underground filmmaker and all-around groovy dude William Hellfire (Upsidedown Cross, I Was a Teenage Strangler) to create a documentary called Mail-Order Murder: The Story of W.A.V.E. Productions to detail and divulge the entirety of W.A.V.E.’s astounding output and incredible history. It’s by far our most anticipated VHS-centric documentary of 2018, and you should definitely give it your attention, dudes. But for for the upcoming holiday, SCAV has unearthed yet another unbelievably scarce slab of shot-on-video cinema, and it’s now ready to invade your VCRs. An Ex-Hooker’s Christmas Carol is limited to just 25 copies, and ready for purchase with this here hot, hot, hit link, Tapeheads.




AN EX-HOOKER'S CHRISTMAS CAROL Limited Edition VHS, which will be released in white clamshell cases. End your Holiday with a BANG, dudes!



Here’s the official description and more information on An Ex-Hooker’s Christmas Carol, directly from Snyder and Saturn’s Core:


Happy Holidays! Santa is bringing a bountiful plunder to trash film aficionados this season when writer, director, and veteran W.A.V.E. actor Dave Castiglione's unfathomably scarce 1995 SOV Christmas comedy "An Ex-Hooker's Christmas Carol" returns in a brand new digitally remastered edition from the foremost purveyors of analog weirdness Saturn's Core Audio & Video!! Originally only sold through convention appearances and Draculina magazine ads, Saturn's Core is ecstatic to bring this lost masterpiece back to glorious VHS in a limited edition of just 25 copies. Although starring a bevy of W.A.V.E. alumni (including Laura Giglio, Deana Demko, & Sal Longo), director Castiglione brazenly shrugged off the fetish horror trappings and instead constructed a campy, Christmas-themed, cult comedy reminiscent of the work of John Waters and Mark Pirro. The tapes will go on sale tomorrow via the Saturn's Core Big Cartel site so act fast or get a lump of a coal in your stocking. Yo, we don’t want no lump of coal! And neither do you, dudes! What you really want is this slab ridiculously rare shot-on-video ex-hooker holiday cinema. I mean, who wouldn’t want that, man? Grab this bad boy RIGHT HERE, because once these 25 copies are gone, they’re total VHiStory, Tapeheads! The power of VHSanta compels you!


Groove and Groove and Bring on the Ho Ho Home Video Madness, Man!





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