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The reach of the VHS resurgence has now entered the realm of mainstream animation properties, Tapeheads. The rewind-inclined nostalgia junkies over at Super7 who are known for creating vinyl toys, action figures and various apparel for all kinds of essential 80s excellence are now bringing a brand-new, Filmation-Style episode of He-Man and the MOTU to fresh VHS! The new episode “The Curse of the Three Terrors” is presented by Super7 and will be screening tonight (7/20/16) as a part of San Diego Comic Con. You can get a glimpse at the new cartoon with details on the screening via the...

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Well, Tapeheads, it looks like even 20th Century Fox is getting in on the fresh VHS game! According to a report on the unofficial San Diego Comic Con blog relaying a tweet from the Offcial Deadpool Twitter account, the 2016 superhero smash hit starring Ryan Reynolds will be receiving an extremely limited VHS release at the upcoming SDCC event, which starts tonight with a preview and then runs from July 21st – 24th. For each day of the actual fest, the VHS will be given to the first 25 customers who purchase the Deadpool Blu-Ray from the Fox Home Entertainment...

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