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If you’re familiar with that wisecracking hooded ghoul named The Gatekeeper, you’re probably aware of the awesomeness that is the Nightmare VCR board game, and maybe even the slew of other VCR board games that were skulking about in the heyday of home video. Now, with the VHS resurgence in full swing, indie filmmaker Jackson Stewart is out to pay homage to those often clunky but always entertaining VCR board games, infusing their obscure legacy with cues from cult horror classics such as Poltergeist, From Beyond and Lunchmeat Land favorite The Gate. With the influence of these VHSuper-powers combined with...

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Here’s some absolutely amazing news for fans of the King of Horror and number one Lunchmeat favorite Vincent Price! Shared directly from the official Vincent Price Facebook page, it looks like the powers that be over at the Vincent Price Estate are currently selling some genuine VHS tapes directly from old Vinny P’s personal collection. You read that right, Videovores: these are ACTUAL home videos straight from VP’s shelf! Sound insane? It is. However, it’s totally true, and you can check out the current eBay auctions by clicking this here hot link (or just searching “Vincent Price Personal VHS” on...

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Lunchmeat is beyond VHStoked to offer up an initial and exclusive look at the brand spankin’ new Official Teaser Trailer for the baseball-themed retro 80s slasher from Spectrum Video FIELD OF SCREAMS! Created with great affection for those essential horror video rentals of yore, this teaser for FIELD OF SCREAMS is soaked in retro VHS aesthetics and dripping with that distinct video era horror authenticity that you’ll just have to VHSee to believe, man. So here it is, Videovores! Step on up to the plate and let ‘er rip as you swing for the fences with FIELD OF SCREAMS… but...

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Here’s some fresh VHS news from the folks over at Unearthed Films, Tapeheads! The grotesquely surreal and gore-soaked experimental indie horror film FLOWERS from director Phil Stevens has now been unleashed on fresh VHS in a Limited Edition of 50 copies available via the Official Unearthed site. Housed in a large clamshell with full-color artwork, each edition also comes signed and hand-numbered by the director. For the uninitiated, here’s a look at the description, written by Stevens himself: An abstract, surreal horror film centering around six dead women waking up in the crawl space below their killer's house only to...

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With the widespread resurgence of interest and affection for the VHS format, it seems a whole new wave of nostalgia-driven artistic creation has bubbled up within the ever-growing VHSphere. One such analog-inclined talent (which we’ve flash featured here in Lunchmeat Land in the recent past) is graphic designer and all-around super-skilled artist Matthew Dix. He’s been creating absolutely gorgeous VHS versions of modern films that amaze in every way from his attention to detail down to the actual construction of the physical presentation. He’s currently showcasing his work on an Instagram feed under the @OffTrackOutlet banner, and recently posted a...

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