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The Vincent Price Estate is Now Auctioning Off VHS Tapes from His Personal Collection via eBay! YES! You Can Own a VHS Tape Taken Straight from the Shelf of Vincent Price!

Here’s some absolutely amazing news for fans of the King of Horror and number one Lunchmeat favorite Vincent Price! Shared directly from the official Vincent Price Facebook page, it looks like the powers that be over at the Vincent Price Estate are currently selling some genuine VHS tapes directly from old Vinny P’s personal collection. You read that right, Videovores: these are ACTUAL home videos straight from VP’s shelf! Sound insane? It is. However, it’s totally true, and you can check out the current eBay auctions by clicking this here hot link (or just searching “Vincent Price Personal VHS” on eBay)! A bulk of the tapes are still sitting at affordable prices (including copies that are marked as being hand-written by Vincent), save this particular VHS, which was a gift from Dennis Hopper, that comes complete with Vincent Price’s autograph. Here’s a look at that specific tape below…


Here's the signed VHS from The Vincent Price Estate. Photo courtesy of The Vincent Price Estate, taken from the current eBay auction. A gift from Dennis Hopper. Absolutely amazing, man.

Man, what an incredible analog-inclined opportunity to personally own a slab straight from the shelves of the one and only King of Horror Mr. Vincent Price. There are also a number of Price’s books (and apparently some hand-written letters) up for auction for all of you bibliophiles out there, so be sure to check that out if you wanna take a dip into a sampling of Vinny P’s personal library. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go VHScrounge some change so I can get my bid in on one these bad boys. This is absolute proof that your wildest rewind dreams can come true, man. And that’s pretty groovy.

VHSpecial thanks to our rewind-inclined friend Missy Mazzaferro for the heads up on this incredible news!

Groove and Groove and VINCENT PRICE 5EVA.

Josh Schafer

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