The Complete List of Horror, Cult and Exploitation VHS Tapes Being Preserved at Yale Library! Click to View it, Tapeheads!

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The Complete List of Horror, Cult and Exploitation VHS Tapes Being Preserved at Yale Library! Click to View it, Tapeheads!

Beyond doubt, the acquisition and preservation of nearly 3000 horror and cult VHS tapes by Yale Library is one of the most significant, exciting and historical events to occur within the VHS collector culture sphere since the beginning of the rewind-inclined resurgence. The Herculean efforts of former Kaplanoff Librarian and VHS physical media enthusiast David J. Gary and his partner Aaron Pratt to help preserve a small portion this particularly loved subset of home video entertainment hasn’t gone unnoticed by major media outlets (both in business and mass fashions), and of course here in Lunchmeat Land, we’ve absolutely championed and covered it from the start. We’ve continued to spread the rewind-inclined work of Yale, most recently sharing an update on the state of the Yale VHS collection and thoughts on the project moving forward now that one of the main forces behind the preservation (Gary) has moved toward other endeavors. Through the whole process, I’m sure a lot of Videovores out there have wondered exactly which titles have been procured, cataloged and preserved via Yale, and now that question can be answered. Lunchmeat, with the express permission of Yale, is now able to bring you the most complete list of VHS being held at this most illustrious academic institution. **Please note that anyone can take a look at the Yale tapes online via the follwing link, and entering "VHS Horror and Exploitation Collection" into the search: ** However, that online list is incomplete. In the words of David J. Gary, “If you type into the library's catalog (with quotes is best!) you'll get a bit under 2600 records… This is not everything… There are some cartoon tapes and some examples of other genres beside horror and exploitation that don't get included with this search. Plus some recent buys aren't in there… The list you are about to view is the most complete and fully up-to-date representation of the tapes being maintained at Yale. Also, as far as usage of the VHS collection for study / posterity, the tapes will likely be available for viewing on site in the early fall, but it’s best to contact the library before making a trip of it. You'll need to order them from offsite and it will take a few days of acclimation before tapes can be used in the archive.




Finally! We can VHSee what's being preserved for posterity via an academic elite!



My sincere thanks to David and Aaron for working with me to make this list available to the public. It's an exciting time for Videovores to be sure. So, without any further ado, here is the most complete list of VHS tapes being preserved in Yale Kaplanoff Library. Enjoy, Videovores! (NOTE: You can use the navigation within the application to scroll! For mobile users, just scroll with your thumb on the application!)



Groove and Groove and VHS Will Never Die, Dude.








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